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'Divide and rule'—raven politics

Mythology has attributed many supernatural features to ravens. Studies on the cognitive abilities of ravens have indeed revealed that they are exceptionally intelligent. Ravens live in complex social groups and they can gain power by building social bonds that function as alliances. 333 more words


Self Portrait in Autumn Landscape

Last night I sat down to consider my history as an artist. Especially the few “break-away” points. I was looking for something I didn’t find, but this came up: 89 more words


Stress is good apparently for birds!

Stress makes young birds fly the nest sooner – and encourages them to be more sociable in later life, new research has shown.

A study published yesterday by scientists at the universities of St Andrews and Oxford found zebra finches which were stressed as nestlings were less choosy about who they visited bird feeders with in later life, and so had more associates. 287 more words


Dark Tans, Sandy Toes, and Blonde Hair

The one place you probably imagined when reading the title is: Southern California, and you’d be quite right by thinking of that location. Narrowing it down a bit we are now in Los Angeles, Orange County. 225 more words


Red-breasted Nuthatch #1

A Red-breasted Nuthatch that I found in the back woods behind my home.


Life Bird #272: Lapland Longspur

This morning I was treated to an unexpected life bird! A couple Lapland Longspurs were foraging on the ground near some Savannah Sparrows. At first I was unsure of the ID, but I was sure it was a bird I had not seen before. 25 more words



I have no idea what this is, but it’s leaving!