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Nature Quest: Listening to the Dawn Chorus

‘Why do birds have to wake up so early?’ I thought, groaning as my alarm went off at what surely was not a time of the morning at which humans should be awake. 915 more words



The house sparrow, whose numbers are falling in the UK for some reason that is not really understood. It is weird to think that a bird that was common when I was young is now becoming so rare. 19 more words

Golden-crowned Kinglet #4 & #5

A Golden-crowned Kinglet that I saw  walking  a couple days ago in the woods by my home.


Birds of Casa La Entereza

With the season of Spring, we get warm weather and lots of wind. Along with these challenges, we are thrilled to receive the migrating birds. Two weeks ago, our old friends, the Barn Swallows, returned to our home. 154 more words

Casa La Entereza

Hence the Term "Bird Brained"

Over the past few years we have enjoyed a springtime ritual of watching birds return to our backyard and their previously constructed bird condo. It’s an ingeniously placed structure, tucked mostly hidden behind a drain pipe, way up high and out of reach of most predators. 222 more words

Black-throathed Blue Warbler

The Black-throated Blue Warbler’s species name is the Latin adjective caerulescens, which means “turning blue.” The male is a lovely sight—a striking mix of black, blue, and white.   101 more words


Don't forget the napkins

I haven’t seen any young ones peeking out of the nest yet although folks from the Revenue building who have a line-of-sight to the nest have reported seeing some white blobs surfacing. 177 more words

Raleigh Raptors