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Interview With In Flex We Trust Blogger Marisa Mendez

We’ve been putting in work to get the site up and running, and during the process I was able to put together an interview that’s real special to me. 1,803 more words


bird's eye

Lately I have been thinking about things from a bird’s eye view…

If you can’t tell, I’m a bit obsessed with the works of the wonderful Gray Malin.  After being introduced by my dear friend Lindsey (check out her little blog here!) I fell in love with these images!

From above, you get a totally different perspective.  From above, every little detail, object, person comes together to create a beautiful, almost textured pattern. Two of those little dot-people might be in an argument.  One girl on that beach might be thinking about how much she dislikes her body in a swimsuit.  One little sandcastle shovel might be lost to the clutches of a strong wave and taken out to sea for good.

But from above, peace and tranquility reign.  Like globs of paint or threads of fabric, each individual “dot” fades away into the greater masterpiece.

Sometimes I hyper-focus…okay, fine…hyper-obsess over trivial happenings.  At the moment, whatever simple issue I face seems like THE ONLY PROBLEM IN THE WORLD (or at least the biggest/most important?).  And I know you are thinking, “Dang, how selfish of her!”  Or maybe you are thinking, “Hey, me too!” At some point, all of us have been selfish in our view of the world.  It is in our sinful nature, weaved into our self-centered-being.

If I could step back, and view the situation from above, see my problems along with everyone else’s, then maybe I could effectively begin to deal with them…instead of having a major-freak-out-melt-down!!!

While we all can’t take a helicopter ride above Italy or NYC like Gray, at least we can try and look at life from a bird’s eye view.

To try this week: When your world seems to be crashing down, try and step outside of your own head and look at the big picture of life.  If need be, this week I will literally try and picture the view from above me: what my roommates, my neighbors in my apartment building, and all the various people milling about Austin are doing (literally)/dealing with (emotionally)!



Ever since I was little I have always been deathly afraid of all things heights, roller coasters, steep drops, turbulence on airplanes and anything that makes my heart sink to my stomach. 250 more words


Breathing Space - July 13/14

From a bird’s eye view to a view of a bird’s eye–We descended from the Columbia Tower all the way to the Seattle waterfront where this fine fellow sat below our open window as we dined at the water’s edge.


New on 500px : Swallow's Nest in Yalta, Crimea. Aerial view by SergueiFomine by SergueiFomine

The Swallow’s Nest is a decorative castle located at Gaspra, a small spa town between Yalta and Alupka, on the Crimean Peninsula.

via 500px http://ift.tt/1iEHs55

Picture: Busan Birds-eye

Busan is a rapidly growing port city along the southern coast of Korea. This picture is taken in Centum City, which is the wealthiest area of the city.