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And the Weather is...

This past week we had the weirdest weather, from hot days over 80º F too hot and humid to be working outdoors, to a day with strong winds that blew off lots of leaves and patio furniture!. 166 more words


Memory Lane

MAY 2009

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Feathers - Part # 2 Final


Feathers insulate birds from water and cold temperatures. They may also be plucked to line the nest and provide insulation to the eggs and young. 964 more words


My Local Friends - lll

Another species of birds that have been residing in my backyard right from the time I moved to that location is the Northern Mockingbird. It took me a while to understand their behavior and the more I observed them I began to appreciate his sense of belonging that also extends to protecting their ‘territory” and everything in it. 345 more words


Last Week's Visitors

Now that we have cold days mixed with some warm days, the number of bird species has lowered in quantity. It’s also a little more difficult to shoot pictures when the days are very dark or deficient lighting to get a decent shot. 39 more words