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How to Choose a Good and Parakeet Birds Healthy

OwnerPets.com – When are we going to buy birds parakeets, we should be selective and know how to select birds parakeets is good and healthy. … 260 more words


Magpie in the spring weather

A magpie hops around the newly-thawed ground seeking what food it can find there.

The Yukon itself is waking up after winter.


i spy with my little eye...

how dirty my kitchen window is. this is one of our renters. he & his wife moved in this past winter. he has never been still when i am outside with my camera. 20 more words


the heron and the iris

When I visited Lake Temescal park in January, I saw several Black-crowned Night Herons perched along the shore.  The juveniles fledged long ago and probably left this small lake, so only a couple of adults remain.



Nesting time in Hove, UK. 2/4/14


garden days

One of the saddest things I had to do in the months following my stroke was to give up our Edinburgh allotment. I simply did not have the strength and energy to maintain a garden, and since then I have rather missed growing things. 260 more words


More Memories of When We Were Birds

Your voice came through clearer than the rest
as if I were held in the palm of your hand

Which I imagined cupped like an oar to pull… 202 more words