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sound: wye oak | shriek

opinion: loving this new album from wye oak. her voice faintly reminds me of victoria’s from beach house, and some of the tracks have that same dreamy ethereal quality. 31 more words



Lois Lenski

The stately egret
          so snowy white
          graceful and tall
          in the swamp’s dim light
Long white neck
          sharp pointed bill
          wary eye alert
          he stands so still

Framed by twigs
          by wet green leaves
A carved white statue—
          see him stand
          in the lush green growth
          of his water-land

Wordless Wednesday

Three birds I saw on my walk this afternoon….

Shhh!…I KNOW!

Wordless Wednesday!!

Wordless Wednesday

That’s All!

See Ya


Winter's Wings

As the birds prepare to take flight,

Their feathers ruffle,

Toes dig into the soft brown earth.

As the winds begin to pick up,

The trees shift in place, 42 more words


Of caged birds. And bloating human pride.

There’s something about man’s pride that it either gets pleased and elated as easily it gets hurt or ripped apart. I see pride in two forms. 2,785 more words

Fawn-breasted Bowerbird at Zoo Miami

One of the neatest thing to watch on this last trip to the Wings of Asia Aviary at Zoo Miami was the Fawn-breasted Bowerbird working on his bower. 924 more words


A Cautionary Tale

Last November, at the allotment there was little going on. Most of the vegetable patches were cleared and the permanent plants were dormant.

It was cold and crisp. 526 more words