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Readers' wildlife photos: Happy Thanksgiving!

Apropos the holiday, we have just one species to show, America’s wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo). Happily, these turkeys won’t be eaten, for they’re wild and were photographed by readers. 764 more words


So Shy!!!!

This little titmouse seems to be bashful of the camera


More seasonal crafting for (almost) free!

OK, this is my last post for November and I’m sorry to say my last ‘sentient’ post until January because all through December I’ll be auto-posting a series of pre-written comical posts from my Steampunk site  – I think most of you know that these are the last few weeks before my fourth child is born and so I’m going to be spending them spoiling my first three and nesting-up some before the big arrival :D I hope you’ll enjoy the December posts though, they are a series of letters based on the famous “My Dearest Edward” 12 days of Christmas letters but with a steampunk twist and, as a hint to getting the most out of them, you might want to brush up on your Victorian coded-letter writing skills and The Language Of Stamps… ;) :D… 995 more words