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Bound by history | The Positive

Bound by history | The Positive.

In this article I discuss the discovery of a new dinosaur and what it means for the link between birds and dinosaurs.


Mother, Dad and I shifted to our home, way back in 2007. It has been nearly seven years now. Soon as we shifted, we thought of getting a name-plate made, with the names of the three of us, along with the house’s name. 207 more words


Merganser Ducklings (Three photographs, a new Gallery and a Word about selecting photographs)

To view the gallery of these photographs please click on: Merganser

Everybody loves ducklings and the mergansers are cute. The main challenge is that they tend to be hidden by their mothers in their early days or are easily frightened. 175 more words


Illustrated Letters M

Another letter done in my illustrated letters series


Pembangunan Yang Selaras Alam & Lingkungan.

Nirwana Bali Resort & Golf Club! Saya ingat beberapa tahun yang lalu demo sangat marak dilakukan oleh masyarakat sekitar saat Hotel dan Lapangan Golf ini dibangun pada awalnya – tentunya didasarkan atas kekhawatiran masyarakat akan terganggunya kesucian  dan keseimbangan lingkungan hidup di area  yang terkenal dengan persawahannya itu. 447 more words


Close encounter with a Buzzard

I first became aware of buzzards in the oak trees in the field off Wheel Lane with the pond & 1066 path three weeks ago. I could hear the distinctive buzzard mewing. 111 more words


How to eat peanuts with one chopstick.

It  has been so hot here that the bottom fell out of our peanut feeder. I am guessing that the wire expanded and our trustworthy feeder suddenly failed. 66 more words

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