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I have recently finished Birdsong, and was shocked at how it impacted me emotionally. It wasn’t the story that I found so moving, but rather the parallel lives of those back in Blighty and the indifference they felt towards the front line soldiers. 30 more words



Topaz dreams and fire flowers
Find their way into
Shadows and streams
In the space between
Our hearts and minds
Seams of alchemy
Blowing stars into birds… 235 more words


Little Wattlebird croaking

This Little Wattlebird appears quite drab when seen from afar, but from close up has a sleek coat of streaks with chestnut touches on its wings. 71 more words


Fiery robin haiku sequence

In the golden tree

a bird red throat full of song

summer’s sweet fire


In dark winter’s depths

red throat pulses fierce defiance

singing to the sun… 13 more words



In the dark
The shrill of birdsong erupts
A call to the dawn


"Le merle noir" - Olivier Messiaen‏

common blackbird (turdus merula)


while we’re on the subject of birdsong,
it would be incorrect not to mention
Olivier Messiaen, the composer I think… 166 more words

In Search Of Beauty


I was face to face with beauty this morning.  Overnight it had been drizzly, the sky was still mostly overcast so the light was dim and even.  361 more words