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A Lunchtime Walk

Another lovely lunchtime walk with Freddie.

Today’s highlights as I ambled around the field edges were the ever-present surround-sound song of skylarks, the jangle of corn bunting from the hedgerows, a kestrel sitting stock still on a branch, a twittering charm of linnets, and a pair of buzzards hanging high in the breeze, then tipping a wing and lazily gliding to the next spot whereupon they’d bring themselves round into the wind and just hang there, watching – were they watching me watching them I wonder? 280 more words

4/23/14: 5am/Rain and a Warm Bed

5am/Rain and a Warm Bed

Hit snooze

But abruptly awakened by puking domestic short hair, orange.

Clean up

Then lured back to bed by the lullaby of rain, 36 more words


Eddie Redmayne shirtless in Birdsong Part 1

Eddie Redmayne may not be classically handsome but he sure is hot, both as a soldier and a lover.


Book reviews: beginning birding, songbird silence, falcon fever, extraordinary encounters

Published April 2, 2008, in the Wyoming Tribune Eagle, “Authors explore our fine feathered friends.”

2014 Update: All four books are still available, though you may have to look online. 1,214 more words



It is the quiet hour
Before birdsong
And I live
Another day
It is the wee hours
When I miss you
You… 49 more words



These are the most exhilarating moments: when you hear a birdsong you haven’t heard before, dusk is falling over the forest and through the trees, and you’re battling with time and light for just one glimpse of this bird that seems to be singing for you and for you alone. 64 more words



Extraordinary. Only tonight
The birds at twilight sang so defiantly here
As if they were to sole inhabitants of the moment
- And I, below, well I was below them. 51 more words