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Curious Place for a Wren

While searching for resources for upcoming novel, Lost Words, I found issues of a periodical called Birds Illustrated by Color Photography, at www.gutenberg.org/ 412 more words


Gil Mellé - Mindscape

LP/CD, Blue Note, 1989

Rippling New Age-y synths meet fusion-inspired soundtrack impressionism, on this atypical (to say the least) late 80s Blue Note release. Mellé is best known for his… 91 more words


Dollarbird in Sydney

Update on 25 December 2014: It’s a Dollarbird, also called a Broad-billed Roller. Thanks to Hamish Robertson for identifying this bird! They’re migratory, arriving in Australia in September/October every year and leaving again in March. 142 more words


Do Animals Have Souls?

Last week brought an interesting cluster of prompts for this topic.

(1) On Wednesday, in the course of delivering the lecture “Ken of Kin: Aesthetic Experience of the Forest” I said I found reason to agree with Vine Deloria on a wide range of metaphysical issues, but not his view on the inner life of animals. 899 more words


Birdsong is Screen-Sprawling Metroidvania

Ludum Dare always produces some of the year’s most interesting games, and Ludum Dare 31 is already shaping up with some excellent entries. December’s theme, “Entire Game on One Screen,” has already given us… 267 more words


Poetry: Wilfred Owen

Perhaps one is pre-disposed to warm to Wilfred Owen‘s poetry by his own tragic story: killed in action a mere week before the Armistice (but then, when you get to thinking about this, it is even crueller to realise that someone had to be the last person killed) and his parents receiving the telegram a week later, whilst everyone around finally celebrated the end… 390 more words

First World War