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The modern materialistic world-conception is a product of fear and anxiety

The age of intellectualism dulled the sight of what lay in man’s inner being, but it was unable to do away with the fear. Thus it came about that man was and still is influenced by this unconscious fear to the degree of saying, “There is nothing at all in the human being that transcends birth and death.” He is afraid of penetrating deeper than this life of memory, this ordinary life of thought which maintains its course, after all, only between birth and death. 85 more words


a noisy silence


the loud and the small hung bells , the crowd, the free strolling animals, the sages, the vendors and scattered cow dungs that laid everywhere on the road. 421 more words


this morning

This morning I saw you in my memory,

Suddenly recalling last night’s dream,

Vivid though never really


You walked the halls with your shy smile, 17 more words