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Inner light

Deep inside of each one of us is light that is utterly peaceful
and quiet.

It is the you in me and the me in you.

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"One who is the kind well-wisher of all living beings, who is peaceful and firmly fixed in knowledge and realization, sees Me within all things. Such a person never again falls down into the cycle of birth and death." SB 11.7.12

Once we come to the understanding and realization that there is nothing but God, and see Him within all of creation, moving and nonmoving, one’s anxieties immediately disappear. 210 more words

The modern materialistic world-conception is a product of fear and anxiety

The age of intellectualism dulled the sight of what lay in man’s inner being, but it was unable to do away with the fear. Thus it came about that man was and still is influenced by this unconscious fear to the degree of saying, “There is nothing at all in the human being that transcends birth and death.” He is afraid of penetrating deeper than this life of memory, this ordinary life of thought which maintains its course, after all, only between birth and death. 85 more words