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Destination: Retirement

There are major dirt adventures in the works and a major relocation road trip on the horizon but first things first. I retired from working as a full-time graphic designer. 147 more words

Clean Dirt

You as Archetype

“The human being who is willing and ready to be a self-actualized and truly individualized person must find no fault in what he essentially is. He essentially is a celestial archetype; he is born at a particular time and in a particular location because the all-encompassing Harmony of the universe dictated that such an archetypal solution to a particular need in the three-dimensional world of physical existence should take form as a human organism. 20 more words

Vedic Astrology

Hygiean Dream...

I’ve been having some really interesting dream experiences lately: in several recent bouts of REM sleep, I’ve found myself speaking with someone — usually a person that doesn’t exist in my waking life — and they’ll be impressing upon me the importance of some word, phrase, or concept.   1,399 more words


So, I know I might lose some of you here, but I kinda dig astrology. It’s not so much a horoscope thing. I like the tie-ins to Greek and Roman mythology, the handling of the constellations, the idea of the planets pulling us around like the moon pulls the tide, the thought that we aren’t islands in the John Donne sense of the word, and the way it folds into other things like tarot, palm reading, and religion. 400 more words


Mars Goes Retrograde

Despite knowing that Mars was going to retrograde, it was relieving to feel Mars at the last few degrees of Libra. Almost free! Sike!

What happens when the planet that represents anger, conflict and aggression goes retrograde? 312 more words

Book Review: Arroyo’s Astrology, Psychology, and the Four Elements

I love the way this man writes.  And man can he write!  In simple, plain English, he is able to give a solid and sensible ground-breaking introduction to Astrology, while simultaneously explaining the inherent links between Astrology and Psychology, using the 4-element framework as a background. 390 more words

Weekly Energy Forecasts

My Birth Chart

My friend just sent me a link to the Astrolabe website, a website that offers a free birth chart reading. I thought I would check it out and the accuracy is a bit scary but cool. 1,248 more words