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Basics of Astrology - know your inherent personality

Isn’t it exhilarating how some astrologers can tell all about you just by looking at your charts? If you have experienced this, it sure got you wanting to ask more. 640 more words


George Clooney birth horoscope

George Clooney’s recorded birth time (2:58 AM http://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Clooney,_George) suggests he should be Pisces rising with Pluto in wide opposition to the Asc. On the surface with Mars in the 5th house and Moon-Saturn in the 11th it would appear to fit (for those immediately looking at house contents, but this is not accurate birth chart. 1,323 more words


Under Pressure

I stare quietly from my office desk at the slow waltz of nimbus clouds against the blue sky outside the window in front of me and feel a migraine kicking in. 777 more words

Vedic Astrology


The Indian Horoscope has 12 houses in it.

Each house represents certain aspects of our life. Each house also represents a certain direction, specific body parts, seasons, planets, zodiac sign, etc. 197 more words


The astrological ceiling of Villa Farnesina in Rome

There is no place in the whole world like Rome and there is no need to talk about its wonders, but the traditional  astrologer should not miss the wonderful… 164 more words