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Return to Tucson, Return to Center

Friday night


Tucson, AZ

Greetings from Tucson, family!

I’m here at our Couchsurf host Nick’s apartment, noshing on dried fruit and watching Parenthood, enjoying myself thoroughly. 757 more words

On Malala's Future...

Malala Yousafzai has said that becoming a political leader may be the way to bring about the change she wants to see.

What her birth chart shows about her leadership potential… 313 more words


a Mess on the sky (Fragment #029)

It was a mess on the sky…

I was designated for the visual arts.

I was accurately planned but I was impatient. I was fidgeting and knocking. 354 more words


How Do I Obtain a Free Copy of My Birth Chart?

For those wondering where and how they can get a copy of their birth chart for free, I always recommend astro.com, which is an excellent site and has tons of information for the Astrological novice, as well as those who may be further along in their studies or practice. 316 more words


Warnings About Weapons in the Birth Chart (Oscar Pistorius)

Since I don’t chase the news or celebrities with my astrology work, this is a bit unusual, but something yesterday put my mind into this chart. 856 more words


I love Vedic Astrology!

One of the main reasons I love vedic astrology is the fact that the expansion of our galaxy (and universe) is taken into consideration. As things change position in the heavens, the calculations for birth charts are also adjusted. 98 more words


Experience the Sound of Your Astrophysical Birth Tones

You are a Vibrational Being of Sound. “Scientists recognize today that the whole manifestation of life is vibrating. From Molecular Science to String Theory, modern researchers are proving what ancient sages have taught for millennia – that everything is vibrating.” 118 more words