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What Your Organ Transplant Means for Your Fertility

For women undergoing an organ transplant, you’ve got a lot on your mind and birth control probably isn’t high on your list.

I recently did a study with Drs. 571 more words

Birth Control

Guy's Guide to Birth Control, videos by Bedsider

This series of videos on youtube by Bedsider is hilarious, wonderful, and a great overview of different birth control methods.

Here is the first video:

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Will Men Be Receptive to a Natural Male Contraceptive?

Finding an effective method of birth control for men may be as simple as looking towards nature. A tropical plant that has been used for centuries as an herbal remedy may have a role in male contraception. 416 more words

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Birth Control in 2014: The Goodies and The Bullies

Reflecting back on what happened with birth control in the last 12 months, there were many goodies worth celebrating…hooray! Unfortunately, there were some big time birth control bullies too…boo!  930 more words

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OMG! I think my COPPER IUD is driving me crazy! I started taking birth control at 15 hoping that it would help to regulate my cycles. 453 more words

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Kitty Marion, Broadway's Local Suffragette Gets Arrested for Distributing "Obscene" Literature

Back in 1918 a familiar sight for New Yorkers was German-born Kitty Marion running up and down Broadway clutching a stack of the Birth Control Review… 406 more words

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Should contraception be free?

Lets face it, One of the greatest issues facing teenagers is not being able to keep it in their pants. For girls, boy troubles seem like the most important thing in their younger teen years but this simply is not true. 570 more words