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The Underground Birth of Birth Control

Practices to prevent pregnancy are ancient history.  But it was exactly a century ago when the term birth control was born in New York City. 354 more words

Birth Control

Musings on birth control packaging

A little while ago I was talking with a friend and realized that among Yasmin, Ella, Lola, Chaya, Jadelle, Yaz, I wasn’t sure if I was speaking about my other female friends or various types of birth control. 158 more words

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Leena, Cryselle, and Loryna... Ever notice how the names for your birth control pills are very different from all your other medications? Even the packaging is distinct and unlike any others. There's no argument that it's a lot easier to request a refill of your Yaz or Gianvi than to ask for drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol (the true generic medication names). What do you think about the names…easy to remember or just silly? How about the packaging…does it help you keep track of pills? Birth Control Packaging Gianvi Yaz  

Advertising Hormonal Contraception: Medicalizing the Natural

Nursing Clio is happy to welcome Nicole Lock as today’s guest author. Nicole is a second year master’s student in Media Studies at the University of Oregon. 1,242 more words


Pregnancy Is Bad for Women's Health

Our sentimentalizing of pregnancy, combined with our faith in modern medicine, have contributed to a backlash against birth control, encouraging us to see pregnancy as low risk and to lose sight of its dangers and perils. 1,762 more words


About my writing {a blog hop}

 I have been asked to write about my writing.. (that was hard to type)

Erica over at Saint Affairs has tagged me to explain a… 370 more words

NFP, you have GOT to be kidding me

Once everything was cleared up from the IUD debacle (if you can call it that, I’d lean on a stronger word myself.) We had agreed it was time to look more deeply into the whole “church teaches NO on birth control” thing. 262 more words

History's Worst Contraceptives

Think taking a pill every day is a pain?  Dread putting on a condom during sexy time?  Don’t want to make your way to the doctor’s office or clinic to have an IUD placed?   187 more words

Birth Control