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How i can buy Misoprostol abortion pill online?

        Cytotec Pill, It is a FDA endorsed pill utilized for closure an early pregnancy without utilizing any sort of surgical instruments. Cytotec pills help one accomplish an effective premature birth as the tablets comprise of engineered prostaglandin E1 simple which is utilized essentially as a part of ending the pregnancy. 284 more words


Wednesday Reads: Something Else Beyond Denial

There must be a thing, something beyond denial, that people with all sense and reason experience. Beyond comprehension it seems. Beyond explanation. Even now as I write these words…the mind and heart do not move forward and process the thing I was told last Friday. 2,122 more words

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100 Years of Birth Control

The conservatives may not want you to have birth control but that hasn’t stopped us yet. 100 years ago Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger coined the term birth control and women* have been fighting for it ever since. 149 more words

Birth Control

The Future of Birth Control


Extra! Extra! Read all about it!  There are some exciting, new developments in the works in the contraceptive world for women.  Unfortunately, there still isn’t a birth control method for men besides condoms, but this new method may be even better. 195 more words


Excavating a Footnote: Unpacking Margaret Sanger's Views on Charity and the Unfit

Here at the Margaret Sanger Papers Project, we’re no strangers to misquotes, misinterpretations, and all sorts of other misinformation about Sanger. It often originates from anti-abortion proponents deliberately attempting to discredit Sanger and, by extension, Planned Parenthood. 950 more words

Birth Control

The Democratic Party's "War On Women" Heats Up!

In politics, once a delusional despot gets a fanatical idea into its head, the faithful sheep begin to follow. It does not matter if the idea is based solely in partisanship or rhetorical, demagoguery. 1,214 more words