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We received our first question from a reader today!

Just realized I took my pill today (Wednesday) but I took the wrong day’s pill (Friday). What now?  

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Birth Control

My IUD Experience

It hurt like a mo’fo’.

Okay, I was going to stop there, but let me discuss, in the event that other women are wondering. There’s a nice article at… 928 more words

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One woman shares her honest experience having the Mirena IUD placed. She is happy with her decision overall.

Birth Control Options for Men

Birth Control. The term is almost synonymous with women’s health. That’s probably because women have so many birth control options available to them. There’s the pill, the ring, and the IUD…. 587 more words

Birth Control

       Nuvaring is a vaginal ring holding combination hormone prescription and is utilized to anticipate pregnancy. It holds 2 hormones: a progestin (etonogestrel) and an estrogen (ethinyl estradiol). 303 more words


Don't Blame Birth Control for Population Issues

With more women and men empowered to control their fertility with planning and birth control use, some populations are seeing drops in childbearing.  Some countries are concerned about population declines and are promoting childbearing.  478 more words

Birth Control

Women's Life Plans Have Changed

The average American woman’s life plan has changed drastically over the last few decades.  It’s no longer start having sex, get married, and have a kid…all within 4 years.   80 more words

Birth Control

Remembering Your Birth Control

Many popular birth control methods are very effective if taken perfectly, but that effectiveness goes down drastically with typical use.  Perfect use means that the method is used consistently and correctly.   614 more words

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