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Don't Be Stupid..... Include ALL Contraceptives

When it comes to contraceptives our government is very naive. After receiving this across the board mandatory health care Americans should be putting it to good use. 523 more words


15 Beauty Tips it Took Me Years to Learn

As I’ve aged over the years (yes I’m getting old, damn you time! My arch-nemisis!!) I’ve finally learned a few things (beauty-wise) that I wish I’d known years ago.   2,235 more words

Victoria Present

Women Who Cross the Border Illegally Start Taking Birth Control before Hand – For They Fear Rape

Knowing that women who immigrate to the United States face a heightened risk of being raped in transit, women have begun to take preventative measures before leaving. 154 more words

Birth Control

Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution in 19th century Europe brought about widespread changes throughout the various countries. New and innovative ways for working helped shuffle in these changes and new ideals. 300 more words

Benefits > Negatives

Birth control is a necessary evil just like many other prescription drugs.  Like all other drugs, birth control has positive and negative side effects.  In the blog post from  319 more words

Birth Control

The Doctor Visit

Today was the day! I finally got to meet with my doctor and go over the results of my blood work. In a way I sort of felt like I had taken a test. 424 more words

The Journey

RxISK.org data on NuvaRing

Rxisk.org has great information about prescription drugs, especially on NuvaRing. Click on the various side effects to see the statistics about each type of event.

NuvaRing on RxISK.org

NuvaRing Risks