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Birth Control 101: For Acne

For females, most of us during the time we hit puberty we tend to have an increase of body changes and along with the body changes we start developing acne.  284 more words

The White House Makes New Birth Control Accommodation For Religious Nonprofits

The Obama Administration announced today that it’s made a compromise about birth control coverage.

The White House revealed a new accommodation to the Affordable Care Act for religious non-profits that would not require them to pay for their female employee’s contraception. 330 more words

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The Cookie Monster

I’m afraid my gynecologist will lecture me. Worse, I’m afraid she’ll judge me. In the face of that fear, I regress into a childlike state — I become the five-year-old cookie monster who, when asked how many cookies she ate, offers “two” as her answer when the reality is more like 12. 249 more words

Birth Control

Administration Offers New Rules for Religious Objections to Health Care Law

FRIDAY, Aug. 22, 2014 (HealthDay News) — Responding to a Supreme Court ruling handed down late in June, the Obama administration on Friday proposed a compromise path that it said would allow women to obtain contraceptives through their health plan, while respecting the views of companies that objected to the provision on religious grounds. 837 more words

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White House is changing Obamacare to accommodate companies like Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby employees may not have to pay for their birth control after all, thanks to a planned tweak to Obamacare’s contraception-coverage requirements.

The White House is expected to roll out proposed changes to the health law’s rules on Friday in a compromise meant to accommodate the religious objections of family-owned corporations, such as Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties, who have refused to cover their employees’ contraception needs on moral grounds, while at the same time maintaining the coverage for women, according to… 247 more words


President Obama Offers New Accommodations On Birth Control

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration will offer a new accommodation to religious nonprofits that object to covering birth control for their employees. The measure allows those groups to notify the government, rather than their insurance company, that birth control violates their religious beliefs. 123 more words

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beginning excerpt from "An Understanding of Reproductive Health and Justice from a Grieving Mother"

April 27th, 2014

We looked at the pictures one of my nurses, Lisa, took of you tonight. You would have been a week old yesterday. It was hard to see you from different angles and to see our parents grieving over you, but I needed to know. 900 more words