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Less Than A Month To Go

My medications came for the embryo transfer! Not sure if I feel more excitement…or dread? Those 1- 1/4 inch IM needles get a little old after a while! 444 more words


Am I wrong?

Why we are so dumb? Why we have made life so harsh? There is any purpose for developed countries?

There is no evolution, only a brief and fast way for human extinction.  149 more words

Have you taken your pill today? Birth control pills and forgetful minds.

Birth control pills. What to do if you forget to take yours?

It depends on what type of pill you are taking.

There are 2 types: 520 more words

Gyno Gossip

Arm-ing our young women with protection

A couple of weeks ago, amidst the disturbing reports of violence in the Middle East and the eye-opening spread of Ebola, a little news blurb caught my attention – on both the local and national news. 1,130 more words

Adolescent Sexuality

I'm Pro-Life But Colorado's Personhood Amendment Would Turn Birth Control Into Murder

Proposition #67 on Coloradans ballot this November asks to define “unborn children” as “persons.” This bill was popularized because of Brady, an unborn child killed when a drunk driver struck his mom. 476 more words


Abortion should be legal. Abortions means less welfare that the public has to pay for. Abortion also lowers crime rates. Many women who are denied abortions end up the victims of domestic violence. 81 more words

S(anger) Goes Postal in "The Woman Rebel"

“To me it was outrageous that information regarding motherhood, which was so generally called sacred, should be classed with pornography,” Sanger recalled in her 1938 autobiography. 687 more words

Margaret Sanger