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Letter to the Editor of New Horizons re. Birth Control

The text below (with very minor corrections) was originally submitted to Tom Tyson, editor of New Horizons magazine in the late 1990s, during an ongoing debate about the legitimacy of birth control use for Christians. 2,062 more words

Feel the benefits of Plan B & protect yourself

Plan B One-Step is a sort of crisis contraception. This is anticonception medication that can counteract pregnancy after unguarded sex. Individuals in some cases call it the “morning after pill.” But you don’t need to hold up until the morning after sex to take it. 645 more words


Abortion and Human Rights

The most important issue in balancing individual human rights with social responsibility in my point of view is abortion. The law that was passed so that abortions would be legal was a good decision. 483 more words


Theology of the Body Thursday #10: Take Me To Church

This post is mainly in response to the video. I know the song is from 2013, but it has been getting a lot of air-time on my favorite local pop station lately. 692 more words

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7QT Friday - Book Sale, Book News Etc.

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in 7QT! But I’m back and there’s a new host, Kelly at Ain’t the Lyceum.

1. A Subtle Grace on SALE for ONLY .99! 244 more words


Birth Control

A guide to your contraception options

While the decision to start birth control is pretty straightforward for most people, deciding which type to use can be a bit overwhelming, since there are so many different types. 669 more words


Misoprostol Blocking With Furtherance Of Pregnancy

Misoprostol has been an efficient medicinal drug that has been sanctioned by the health experts of Food & Drug Association (FDA) & this helps for discontinuation of pregnancy in an efficient way. 179 more words

Birth Control