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Mirena vs. Paragard (My journey with IUDs)

Yesterday I was finally able to have the Mirena removed. I’ve now had both of the iuds. As of today I’m back on the paragard. Here’s a little bit of my experiences with the two. 1,135 more words

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Five frugal ways not to have a baby

Besides the copper IUD, which is my favourite form of frugal birth control, there exists several other options. The birth control pill is one of the more expensive options, and thus not included. 348 more words


How is your pregnancy such a surprise?

Working in the profession I do, you hear weird and wonderful things every day. Recently, a patient was adamant that she sometimes gets trapped wind in her ankle and I tried my hardest to not look completely baffled. 500 more words


Copper IUD for frugal birth control

Along with shaving cream, dry cleaners and haircuts, birth control is another area where women end up spending more simply because they have vaginas.

Of course, with shaving cream dry cleaners and haircuts, gender-biased pricing is because marketers know women  905 more words

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Book Review: Birthmarked

Caraugh M. O’Brien

Gaia Stone is a teenage midwife. And those two words, teenage and midwife, encapsulate many of her struggles in the Birthmarked… 362 more words

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MTP Kit - Is It Safe to use Abortion Pills?

Coming to the decision of aborting a child is already a tough path to choose for mother, whilst the selection of method for abortion is also a big deal. 481 more words

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My monitoring center

So we got the results from our initial medical visit in Philly, and Sean and I both passed. We’re disease free! Woo! I still wasn’t medically cleared, though. 147 more words