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Birth Control for Happy Holidays

I have a friend who is dreading going home for the holidays because her very Catholic family always gives her a hard time about being on birth control. 740 more words


Humanae Vitae: Cliffs Notes for the Busy Papist

Human Life. That’s a pretty bold title. It’s what the latin phrase humanae vitae means in English. Humanae Vitae was an important and controversial encyclical when it was released in 1968 by Pope Paul VI. 3,160 more words


7 Days, 13 Hours, 45 minutes...

Just a short post right now. Because something awesome has happened. Okay, a lot of awesome things have been happening even though I’m not feeling well. 554 more words


Days 0553 & 0554

I know The Pill is meant to be this hugely liberating thing for women and I know it was back in the late 60s/early 70s but I hate the bloody thing. 463 more words

The Vast World of Birth Control

Post by Emmy L., Student Health Advocate

The Vast World of Birth Control

Hello fellow reader, we have gathered here today to talk about many different kinds of birth control. 2,336 more words

Healthy Relationships

Drive Thru

When people think of a drive thru they think of all the delicious fast foods that comes to mind. Everyone has their go to hangover drive thru, as well as having their favorite cheat day meal, and don’t forget the late night “i am drunk” drive thru. 573 more words


At the point when can a lady have a abortion pill?

Premature birth Pill contains two dynamic parts specifically Mifepristone (otherwise called Ru486) and Misoprostol are considered as one of the best non surgical and early fetus removal solution. 273 more words