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Health Watch: A Wireless Birth Control Method?

Researchers are testing a new contraceptive device with wireless capabilities that could prevent pregnancy for up to 16 years.

It’s a microchip that may be the future of contraception. 26 more words


Health: Future Of Contraception? A Microchip May Be Able To Help

By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Researchers are testing a birth control microchip that can be turned off and on with a remote. Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl explains how it works. 279 more words


Economics of Sex and Marriage

I came across an interesting video today from an organization I have not encountered before. The Austin Institute, whose stated mission is “to be a leading resource for tested, rigorous academic research on questions of family, sexuality, social structures and human relationships,” produced the following video on the economics of sex that is worth a watch: 303 more words


Snip judgments: Are vasectomies and prostate cancer linked?

Last week, I realized that patients coming to my office seeking vasectomies required an additional piece in their counselling. What led to this change? Earlier this month a study out of Harvard University suggested an association between vasectomy and lethal prostate cancer. 729 more words


The Breeding Issue

The breeding issue: as a female, this is an inescapable, subject.

I have always had a difficult time equalizing my independent nature with relationships. It has been a struggle, yet I have a strong sense of self and what would or would not work for me. 900 more words





Dr. John Gerstner takes a question regarding birth control and states the Christian view of procreation.

Date of lecture: 30 May 1978.  Location and occasion unknown… 64 more words


Morning Mashup 07/23

Defending Tony Dungy’s Right to Have an Opinion - Four insightful thoughts about the castigation of Tony Dungy’s “controversial” comments on Michael Sam.

A First Glimpse at ‘Look at the Book’ 276 more words

Morning Mashup