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'I'll take 'No they didn't' for $200, Alex': Jeopardy gets SCOTUS decision very wrong

Some Jeopardy answers demonstrate just how little the contestants know; others demonstrate just how little the show’s writers know. Take for example this Jeopardy answer from Thursday’s broadcast. 90 more words


As far as I can tell, my vajay has Ebola. (Men, this one isn't for you.)

I got my period “late” by most standards – just before my 14th birthday. Late starts and early menopause run in the family (hooray!). By the time it came, it wasn’t a “red badge of honor,” so much as a damned shame – I knew by then how awful they were, as all my other friends had them and had bitched to me endlessly. 1,670 more words


Dear Fellow Conservatives: Want Fewer Abortions? Tolerate Birth Control

Remember back in the Clinton years when the goal was to make abortions “safe, legal, and rare”? Over time, pro-choice progressives have shifted the messaging to make abortions as easy, accessible, and convenient as possible. 990 more words

Because Pregnant Women are asked To Have Fewer Rights Than A Corpse

When the morals and beliefs of others are forced on women, they are asked to give up rights they would have even if they were dead. 22 more words

Value Of Women In Society

Protected and powerful strategy for contraception - MTP Kit

Abortion pills called to a protected and powerful strategy for ending an early undesirable pregnancy (up to 9 weeks) through the utilization of a mix of medications that are regulated orally. 270 more words



Wow! Could this 13th pregnancy be a boy or a girl?!

Jay and Kateri Schwandt, from western Michigan have 12 sons. Their 13th baby is due May 9, 2015 and they are sticking to the tradition of not checking whether it is a boy or a girl! 121 more words

Marriage Class

Plan B One-Step is form of a birth control pill to terminate pregnancy

Plan B One-Step crisis contraceptionis a medication application endorsed by the FDA on July 13, 2009. Plan B One-Step comprises of only one oral pill ( 291 more words

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