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Planning for an Induction of Labour

Many women I talk to about their induced labours say things like “I didn’t know xyz could happen” or “we weren’t prepared for abc” – generally the big ones are “I didn’t know it could take so long” closely followed by “I didn’t know it could be so quick”. 1,577 more words


Birth - forgotten by feminism

A week or so ago there was a tumblr thing getting around with a bunch of women holding signs saying “I don’t need feminism because…” I wasn’t going to bother with any sort of response because, well, it didn’t really get my fire going. 917 more words

Bragging about your birth? Let's see more of it!

Every now and then an article comes along that just pushes buttons. That’s what it’s designed for.  The writer knows it will push buttons. That’s why they write it – if it pushes buttons people will read it. 932 more words

Ma’ Wednesday! Giving birth in Qatar….Part 3

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Part 2 – http://jaznajalil.com/2014/07/16/ma-wednesday-giving-birth-in-qatar-part-2/

Calm before the storm….

J is finally taken to her room at midnight. As they wheel her across the corridors, she cranes her neck to look at the miracle beside her. 1,829 more words



Are you ready for the revolution? Welcome to the first Revolutionary Doula Introductory Training Workshop – where we will be providing provocative, distinctive, high-calibre doula training for both aspiring and experienced doulas! 219 more words

Words of Wisdom from a New Mom

I recently worked with a doula client who labored naturally and had a vaginal birth.  Her labor was long, but her patience and strength really impressed me.   640 more words

In defence of the uterus

In my usual facebook reading this week I came across a comment (again!) about a woman who is electing to have a caesarean as she doesn’t want to ruin her vagina. 809 more words