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Love Me Till I'm Me Again

This is a topic I’ve been avoiding but it is time to vent.

One word: hormones

No one warned me that hormones will be an issue after you’ve given birth. 260 more words

First Time Mom

Overdue (Pun INtended)

It was a girl…two and a half months ago! Just like I was overdue to give birth, this birth experience post is LOOOOONG overdue.

I went in for an induction at Klinik im Park approximately 12am on October 26th, 2014. 785 more words

Zürich Adventures

Birth is natural, beautiful and perfect and you should feel nothing but joy. Bubble BUSTED

Some of you will read this title and already be arguing with me in your head. That’s okay. If your bubble wasn’t busted and you truly experienced it that way, I’m very happy for you. 1,551 more words

Birth Expectations

Birth as transformation.

Childbirth is awful. It is a Hell that I would not wish upon my worst enemy.

Meh. Childbirth, means to an end.

Childbirth changed me. It was transformative. 922 more words

Birth Experience

42 Weeks

I’ll preface this by saying that I’m in a very teeny, meteorically small group of women who experience what I went through. What I’m going to say here isn’t the norm – it isn’t even… 2,403 more words

Birth Experience