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Why am I here? Chuseok in a day

Like most get-togethers with my birth family, my Chuseok was bittersweet.

On the day before Chuseok, we started the day with raw fish and sannakji for breakfast. 3,381 more words


20 Things I Wished I Had Known Before Adopting

This in an interesting post. Obviously this does not change the way we feel about our adoptions, but it is good to know this and reflect on this. 31 more words


What Some Intended for Harm, God Intended for Good, Part 2

I got pregnant with Noah eleven months after Jaren was born.  And like Jaren, this pregnancy was unexpected, certainly not planned and once again unintended.   However, this time, I was not as confident as I was when I became pregnant with Jaren.  1,428 more words


A Scary and Surprising Day

Have you ever had a day where you go from being pleasantly surprised to anxious and scared? Well if you haven’t let me tell you it is not enjoyable. 1,078 more words


To the Brink and Back

The “D” word.

I said the “D” word.


Despite my reservations, I let E go down for a week and a half-long visit with Bmom and his bio siblings. 1,128 more words


A birthday in Geojedo

A few weekends ago now, I briefly left Jeju to visit Geojedo for the weekend.

The first and only time I’ve been to my birthplace of Geojedo was to… 1,736 more words

Birth Family

Perfect Love

Raine is absolutely in love with horses. Before ever having ridden one, she’d already planned her life around having one. Everywhere we go, despite my discouragement, she asks people how much they get paid for the work they do. 813 more words