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Calling Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard...

The very first question I asked Ki-Won (older brother) was, “For my own health, are there any health conditions I should be aware of? Any disease or cancer run in the family?”


Adoption Facebook Pages

Another option for couples who are looking to add to their family through adoption is to make an adoption Facebook page. The couple can post details about their lives and share information, hoping to attract potential birth mothers. 485 more words


How I met your mommy

Your mommy and I met on a Christian dating website. She was the only woman I met from that site, and I was the only man she met. 160 more words

One Order of Exciting News with a Side of Behaviors, Please!

…Because with most kids who have come out of foster care, you don’t get one without the other.

Finally, our incredibly long stretch of transition is over. 1,125 more words


Laura and her Mission

In a few months, 25-year-old Korean-American adoptee Laura Wachs will be traveling to Korea in search of her birthparents. She longs to  learn firsthand about her cultural heritage. 292 more words


Social Media Fail

I’ve not ventured into the world of Instagram, despite many suggestions.

The problem is, I’m forever forgetting to take pictures. Even with the ease of having a camera on my phone, the thought doesn’t generally doesn’t stay in my mind. 575 more words

Birth Family

Tell Me Your Story: Of Becoming a Mother

In January of 2014, Sarah started writing letters to her child’s first mother. In the letters, she shared stories about her own mother, anecdotes about her husband, and her prayers for the mother who would change both of their lives forever. 603 more words