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A birthday in Geojedo

A few weekends ago now, I briefly left Jeju to visit Geojedo for the weekend.

The first and only time I’ve been to my birthplace of Geojedo was to… 1,736 more words

Birth Family

Perfect Love

Raine is absolutely in love with horses. Before ever having ridden one, she’d already planned her life around having one. Everywhere we go, despite my discouragement, she asks people how much they get paid for the work they do. 813 more words


Closure, the documentary comes to Dallas

We had a great turn out for the screening of the documentary film, Closure. As the credits rolled, a round of applause hailed, guest were smiling and hearts were touched.   28 more words


A note from Maya's birth grandmother, Ruth

Maya’s birth grandmother (Jake’s mom) also wrote a note to tell you a little about us from her perspective.

I just want you to know that if you pick Erin and Mark for the adoptive parents, you would have chosen the best parents ever. 118 more words

Birth Family

A note from Maya's birth mom, Colette

We maintain an open relationship with our daughter’s wonderful birth family. They are an important part of our family and we love spending time with them. 383 more words


6 years old ...

Six? how did this happen? J turns six today! She is so excited for her birthday as are all of us! Our girl who is always full of energy, full of love, full of life! 192 more words

Open Adoption

Black Kids in White Houses

Somehow I just happened to stumble upon this very interesting and informative article.

Black Kids in White Houses

“She says it is time to watch a video called “Struggle for Identity.” In the video, people tell their stories, stories like the ones in the room. 77 more words