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Adoption Anniversary Tears

We celebrated our daughter’s Adoption Anniversary yesterday. It was a good day. But I could tell her heart was heavy. She grieves for the mother who left her at the Children’s Home when she was only 18 months old. 346 more words


silent grief

I tried to blink back the tears and willed myself to not look back at the baby we were walking away from. I had to be strong for the two who I was with. 724 more words

to lose a grandmother ...

The other day we learned Grandma Mac had passed away, our girls have lost one of their loving Grandmas and Tim and I have lost a wonderful woman who treated and loved us like one of her own. 104 more words

Open Adoption

Yes, they are "my" kids

I recently ran into an acquaintance that I hadn’t seen in a few years and she was surprised to see that I had kids because she didn’t know that I had adopted two children through the foster care system.  353 more words

Dare to hope

When you’re adopted , you have many thoughts about your identity and you’re afraid to not find your family etc…
I just want to say that even though you just have the name of a person who helped with the adoption, you don’t have to give up. 158 more words


Why am I here? Chuseok in a day

Like most get-togethers with my birth family, my Chuseok was bittersweet.

On the day before Chuseok, we started the day with raw fish and sannakji for breakfast. 3,381 more words


20 Things I Wished I Had Known Before Adopting

This in an interesting post. Obviously this does not change the way we feel about our adoptions, but it is good to know this and reflect on this. 31 more words