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The Sunday Intertitle: A Nervous Nellie

SECRETS OF THE NIGHT is a 1924 comedy-thriller from Herbert Blaché, whom I was predisposed to dislike. The husband of Alice Guy, he supposedly discouraged his wife from taking part in their joint business (“Don’t come to board meetings, it puts the fellows off and they don’t feel free to spit,” kind of thing) and then bankrupted them. 243 more words


Obligatory angry blog post

I have spent the morning foolishly reading YouTube comments. The majority of them were head-spinningly stupid, fuelled by pointless hatred, or a combination of both. I suppose in a way, I should be thankful – I often gripe about living in a liberal bubble and being somewhat detached from reality – and YouTube comments are an efficient way for me to see the level of stupidity that exists in the Western world. 398 more words

James Weldon Johnson, Editorials and Essays

In 1914, James Weldon Johnson became an editor of the newspaper The New York Age, a major African-American activist origin with its roots in the nineteenth century. 1,041 more words


Week 3 Media Post

I’d like to first apologize for not writing on schedule, work has been fairly busy.

I decided to look through everyone’s posts and watch the clips other people posted from D.W Griffith’s… 185 more words

Article: D.W. Griffith

D.W. Griffith

Griffith was an American film director best known for his controversial film The Birth of a Nation. Initially an actor, he sold film scenarios to the… 73 more words


Week Three Media Post: Man Was that Racist.

D. W. Griffith sure made one crazily racist film, right? Aside from all of those really offensive stereotypes and the fact that the Ku Klux Klan are literally heroes, the film actually pioneered a lot of cinematic technique that shaped all films that came after it. 236 more words

Media Post

The Effects of Birth of a Nation

The first thing one will notice about Birth of a Nation, aside from it’s black and white image and score over a silent film with intertitles, is its use of color tinting to change the color temperature of a shot. 302 more words

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