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Armie Hammer Joins Nat Turner Biopic 'Birth of Nation'

Armie Hammer has joined the cast of historical drama “The Birth of a Nation,” based on the story of the 1831 slave rebellion led by Nat Turner. 227 more words


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Why is this called Birth of a Nation though? Via Variety.com

Belafonte: Film History 101

Last night I was watching the acceptance speech Harry Belafonte gave after receiving the Humanitarian Award from The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He is someone I have admired greatly for years, more for his activism and work with youth, than his acting. 696 more words


Movie Review - Birth of a Nation

Normally, it would be difficult to see movies that depict acts of which you have no other feeling but anger towards, but for a case like… 1,147 more words

The Birth of a Nation (D. W. Griffith, 1915)

Why would I watch a film like The Birth of a Nation? It clocks in at 169 minutes long, and as a silent film that is now 100 years old I’d expect the narrative structure and storytelling to be a far cry from what I’m used to today. 888 more words

Belated Sequels

I think belated sequels are great! Doesn’t everybody? Like remarriage, they represent the triumph of hope over experience, as studios pray that for once the desperate target of making a follow-up to a film their audience only vaguely remembers, with clapped-out stars or new nobodies, will respark fading careers and fill box office tills. 811 more words


The Sunday Intertitle: A Nervous Nellie

SECRETS OF THE NIGHT is a 1924 comedy-thriller from Herbert Blaché, whom I was predisposed to dislike. The husband of Alice Guy, he supposedly discouraged his wife from taking part in their joint business (“Don’t come to board meetings, it puts the fellows off and they don’t feel free to spit,” kind of thing) and then bankrupted them. 243 more words


Obligatory angry blog post

I have spent the morning foolishly reading YouTube comments. The majority of them were head-spinningly stupid, fuelled by pointless hatred, or a combination of both. I suppose in a way, I should be thankful – I often gripe about living in a liberal bubble and being somewhat detached from reality – and YouTube comments are an efficient way for me to see the level of stupidity that exists in the Western world. 398 more words