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Birth of Hallie Violet

Around the time that I became pregnant, my mind had been turning toward a natural birth. I’m not sure what started it, but what followed was 9 months of research and learning about how natural birth can be beautiful. 1,633 more words

Birth Story

A Love Letter to My Son (AKA Ethan's Birth Story)

Have you ever looked over at your own child and thought “Wow, what a cool kid!”? Well, yesterday I got to spend the entire day with Ethan.   1,141 more words

Fully Expressed

7 Year Old Birth Story

Here is my birth story which I wrote for Easy Parenting magazine, hopefully, if it cuts the muster it will appear in the next issue! 611 more words


Why I Chose a Homebirth after a Wonderful Hospital Birth

My first son was born in a hospital. My second was not. Now, often when you get a chance to talk with a mom who has done both, and get to ask her why she switched, you’ll get a wide variety of answers: “The hospital was awful” or “I wanted more control over my labor this time” or “There is no way I could ever go back to that place after my experience there.” 1,988 more words


Hurricane Twyla: A Birth Story

This is a memoir essay written for one of my English courses. Keep in mind that this occurred in 2008. Scott and I are no longer married, and Twyla is now six years-old. 1,907 more words