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ROSEMARY’S INSPIRATION: What Are You Ready to Birth?

Rosemary’s “Two-Minute” Video for this Week: What Are You Ready to Birth?

Lessons For The Modern Man

The birthing experience: It is ok for it to be just ok, OK?

Given that it’s coming up on three years since I gave birth, you’d think I’d be well over the topic of pregnancy by now. For reasons I haven’t fully unpicked, I took a retrospective interest in the whole area in the months afterwards. 644 more words

City Life, Doula Style?

Hello friends!! Long time, no see. Here’s where I’m at in my journey so far.

After being rejected for admission, I wasn’t really disappointed or surprised. 494 more words


How Doulas Exploit Pregnant Women

The most common question at doula meetings, or in online doula forums isn’t anything having to do with serving women or babies.

It’s some iteration of, “How can I sell myself better?” 545 more words

Introducing Baby #2

Our Baby Girl, Eloise Kate Isobel, arrived into the world on Monday, September 15.  A perfect 8 pounds and 52 cms long.

If you think our hands look full, you should see our hearts.” 51 more words


4 months on...

Four months ago my life got turned upside down, I felt an immeasurable amount of joy followed swiftly by a horrendous amount of fear.

On the 27th May 2014 I went into labour, bang on 37 weeks. 734 more words

June Twenty-Fifth - Hannah's Birth Story

I’m not entirely sure when exactly I went into labour. Looking back now there were for sure signs…but then I was completely in denial that it was happening.   639 more words