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The Time Has Come

Well, it’s almost come. Four days to go and I feel completely frantic. I’ve been sorting and packing and sorting and packing and I still seem to be getting nowhere. 142 more words

Random Thoughts

Sorry Ma'am, Round Trip Tickets Only.

Have you paid attention to the fact that we only get a round trip ticket?  To where you ask?  I have no idea, but I hear it is nice. 318 more words

Antenatal refresher course and yoga

Last night was my first NCT antenatal refresher course and I was a little dubious about wether I would find it useful but actually really enjoyed the first session and am looking forward to the rest. 225 more words

Bringing Baby Home

Oh how time flies! Seems like just yesterday it was January and I was taking family pictures of my dear friend’s family before their new addition came. 129 more words


Women Gives Birth To A 14.5 Pound Baby!

Woah!!!! Perez Hilton reports that a Massachusetts woman gave birth to a 14.5-pound-and-22-inch baby girl.  Everyone in the delivery room was pretty shocked by how big the baby was.  146 more words


I want a baby....

I know some of you may think ‘how selfish…she has two children already….’  and you’re right. I suppose I am selfish, but adopting 2 children has not made the feeling go away. 248 more words


labor's stages: a triduum

A journey of four days, each unique.

Holy Week reveals itself in new shades every year, shadows of dark and light. It pushes through the broken, cold dirt of Lent’s long winter with a fresh green curl of hope. 773 more words

Faith In Real Life