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To City,

Calving season is just around the corner. This busy birthing season begins around January and ends around March, but farmers also have to worry about early and late births happening as well. 325 more words

Farm Life

Pregnancy Diary: 28 weeks

Today I am 28 weeks and 5 days pregnant.

Apparently baby now weighs just over 1kg and will turn it’s head if it sees a bright light shining continuously…fun with a torch and the kids to be had I think! 177 more words


A motherly inchworm with alarm bells ringing.

My second beautiful baby, a boy,  born a whopping 12lb 11oz! Delivered by Caesarean section as the little monkey decided it was too cosy inside his mum and didn’t want to see the outside world! 1,154 more words


Baby Inspired Prints

Hiya! How are you? I LOVE cute and super cool Nursery prints. Here are my favourites in baby decor- these beauties made me smile today. What do you think? 10 more words


Avoiding a Cesarean

One of the realities of giving birth in this country is our alarmingly-high rate of cesarean sections. Currently, the rate of c-sections in American is 32.7%, meaning that about 1 in 3 babies are born this way. 638 more words


For joy that a child has been born!

How can it be that almost 4 weeks have already come and gone since the birth of our baby girl, Sofia and how have I not written about it on the blog yet?   295 more words



Waiting for Thanksgiving so I can eat all the food. Waiting for online shopping during Black Friday so I don’t have to get out into the crazy traffic and crowds of psycho people =P Waiting for my boyfriend to get here ;] I’m doing a lot of waiting lately but not too much longer on any of those things :D <3… 49 more words