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Birth Story: Part 4 – Chai, the One Who Brought Redemption!

I was pregnant with number five, and I knew I needed to try something different!  I had gained enough hospital experiences to last me the rest of my life.  1,622 more words

Voice Of God

Dad Teacher.

Is it wrong for me to call Parentcraft “Parentcraft”? Am I making a gauche faux-pas, like an American insisting on calling football ‘soccer’? Should I get all traditional and refer to it as an “antenatal class”? 627 more words


My first home birth

There have been two ‘aha!’ moments for me as a midwife.  The birth of my first baby and finally experiencing labour and birth for myself, having been a midwife for a number of years.   1,016 more words


You have been BRAINWASHED!

Since birth you have been brainwashed by society to believe in scarcity, strife and anxiety. Reverse this to create an unstoppable force for abundance and wealth in your life, family and community.

What Natural Childbirth Reminded Me About Sin

Genesis 3:16
To the woman He said, “I will greatly multiply Your pain in childbirth, In pain you will bring forth children;….”

Many of you know I just gave birth to our third daughter, our fifth child, just twelve days ago. 343 more words

Let's Get Honest


the twins are here! born at exactly 34 weeks, both are doing phenomenal! adam + i are enjoying all of the sweet baby cuddles we can get and we’ll be sure to update all of you very soon! 6 more words


The birth of Antonia Elinor Celeste

Warning: Long post. And, in Michael’s words, ‘men might not want to read it’ (a couple of gory details not left out). But when he got to the end he said he liked it very much. 2,259 more words