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day one hundred seven.

The cake is all done and ready for pickup in the afternoon! I’ll post a few photos below :) It turned out super cute!

I had a little trouble with my fondant ribbons, because I’m really smart, and left them out, and they got stiff. 302 more words

Tina's Birthday 2014

Tina is my best friend from high school, and I’m pretty sure she actually holds my¬†trophy for oldest friend. We’ve been friends since we were both 14 years old. 134 more words


Weeks! #13: birthday week of lots of cake, alcohol and other stuff

It has been quite damp recently, so we have had some good fungal growth.

And, as we drove to training, it didn’t look like stopping with the damp. 470 more words

The ONLY 5-minute mug cake recipe you will ever need...

Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, I have just concocted the best mug cake ever! I always find ones I made prior to this were too spongy, dry, or “eggy”. 142 more words

Dad's PB & Choco bday cake

I love when it’s my dad’s birthday because we both love chocolate and peanut butter.

So this year I made a layered peanut butter and chocolate marble cake topped with chopped Reese peanut butter chips and dark chocolate chips. 50 more words

My Creations

day one hundred six.

Today was a successful baking day!

Cakes are all baked and the top tier is ganached and ready for fondant. I need to run to the store tomorrow to grab some more chocolate for the rest of the ganache, as it seems I have underestimated how much I’d need…haha. 270 more words

Doughmydear, Happy Birthday!

As a child, I was a wanderer. I wanted to be a dancer and I forced my mother to enroll me for dance classes. A few days went by, I started missing classes and then I stopped going altogether. 864 more words