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At the Tin Rooster, we kick up our birth week heels

The Tin Rooster was a really big deal.

The name may conjur up a dusky little backwoods joint where somebody’s playing banjo on the sagging porch, but certainly not at this place my dear wife Karen chose to celebrate the cornerstone dinner of her Birth Week celebration 2014. 710 more words



The sweetest wenshitz surprised me on Wednesday night with a cupcake. (she ate the other one HAHA!) But it’s more than enough and really really really 谢天谢地 to have her in my life :’) 512 more words

Birthday Celebrations


A year ago my best friend and I discussed what my word for the year would be. What did I want my 26th year to be about? 119 more words


Sure, it's a birthday, but we celebrate longer than that

My dear wife Karen marks another year on our planet this week.

Not today.

And we haven’t reached the big day yet.

We have, though, started our celebration. 638 more words


So Much Glitter...

Ruby: Ginger? Where are you? We have to hurry if you want to make it to your party on time.

Ginger: I’m right here…just getting my shoes on. 169 more words



I am a big believer that birthday celebrations should last a week. There is just too much to do in just one day, especially when you are working!!! 724 more words