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"You take photos of what is important, because...well, it's important."

Over the last few weeks we’ve been BUSY.
Not like we aren’t always busy, but with holidays, birthdays and other family functions, you tend to lose track of time, sleep, and your mind. 344 more words

Ahoy! A Pirate Birthday Party!

Last weekend my son turned 3 and after much discussion in the build up to his birthday, it was decided he’d have a pirate craft party! 408 more words


A cluster fu..... A big mess.

It’s been awhile since I have had time to seriously sit down and collect my thoughts enough to write a even halfway readable blog post. The end of the summer break is nearing, and things are getting crazy because of it. 779 more words

Birthday Party Themes for Active Boys

We all know that boys will be boys, but some boys are more active than others.  If you have a birthday boy who doesn’t like to sit still here are a few ideas that will keep him moving. 469 more words

Birthday Party

Wild Child

Today my precious niece Stella turns three years old. According to her, she is 3, Uncle Rich is 2, Papa is 1, and Finn is a baby. 160 more words

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