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Annual Birthday Photo Tradition

One of the family traditions that I hold dear is the annual birthday picture taking that we do for Aki. Unlike some kids, Aki does not pose for the camera. 121 more words

Aki's Preschool Years

Ear yanking fun!

If your ear gets tugged on your birthday, you might guess the tugger is Brazilian or maybe Hungarian. You’ll be able to tell the difference by whether or not they are also singing a rhyming song. 106 more words

Birthday Traditions

Let them eat bread with sprinkles?

Fairy bread for your birthday sounds cool, right? It might even be worth the crazy long flight to Australia or New Zealand to celebrate my special day there. 165 more words

Birthday Traditions

The Morning My Son Turned 5

About a month ago, my little  bunny turned five years old! Can you believe it?!

I am very much aware that in a few short years, he is going to mature and change. 416 more words

Memoirs Of A Mummy

Do your gifts ward off evil?

Gift giving on birthdays dates all the way back to when people believed that good and evil fairies had power over people’s fate. That was about last Thursday, right? 165 more words

Birthday Traditions

Sending your hopes skyward by flame.

We have some odd ideas for how to celebrate our birthdays.

At this point it’s pretty common to set ablaze candles pushed into the cake so we can make our wish while blowing our spit all over the cake! 167 more words

Birthday Traditions

Who else remembers "Paddy Whacks?"

I was reminded the other day of an odd thing that my grade one teacher did on her students’ birthdays. We brought cupcakes in to share with the class. 264 more words

Birthday Traditions