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Birthday Weekend in Rhode Island Recap 1

It’s been awhile and as expected, I have a lot to update you on!

I worked a half day on thursday and got home around 3:30 with just enough time to squeeze in a workout.   743 more words


Thought for the day ....

Good Morning and Welcome to Monday the 11th day of August, 2014.

Today is the birthday of the eldest of my brothers.

Happy Birthday “J” ……. 210 more words

Thought For The Day

A great finale to a wonderful weekend. (q&a a day, day 8)

What is one thing you want to accomplish tomorrow?
tomorrow is actually a day I want to get back into being healthy. I want to start toning my body as well as continue my cardiovascular to slim down. 274 more words


Spoiled for my 22nd birthday!

I’m finally 22!!!

It was super fun and I was surprised by how many people showed up, I’m feeling very loved and blessed! We decided to host it at Lazy Dog since they have the best happy hour hehe, and 20 of my close friends showed up :)430 more words


DHAL: July 28, 2014 - My 27th birthday!

Thanks to my lovely sister for spending the past weekend and indulging with me! Unfortunately, it was back to the real world for me and back to Vancouver for her this morning! 285 more words

The Daily Sands

Weekend Highlights

My weekend was extremely focused around food.  I ate out for lunch and dinner each day!  But sometimes, you just need a break from cooking- and on your birthday weekend, who wants to cook?   69 more words


A trip to port huron(q&a a day, day 7)

What did you let go of?
Well, yesterday, as well as today, a lot of memories were brought back to me, As I was in Toronto, where my now ex is living and going to school, as well I passed through sarnia today going to and from Port huron. 177 more words