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Who Am I?

Good morning. It is Thursday, November 27, 2014. Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Is it true that men and women experience the same amount/intensity of emotion, but that women are just more honest about it? 1,712 more words


Alumni Birthdays - November 27

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Alumni Birthdays for November 27:
Jose Duran (’09) – 28
Candy Mercado (’75, ’76) – 57 12 more words

A 29th year to remember!

That’s what I wished for!

Another year has passed. This time a good one. Scratch that, an amazing one! Featuring a new apartment, a new boyfriend, a new pro camera (and new photography passion), a skiing week in the Alps, a 6-day trip to Rome with the family, a 3-week trip to Spain (walked 300 km form Camino de Santiago!), a new team, a new boss, a yachting weekend in Greece, a 6-week trip to Boston, US, a new promotion, a new baby Yorkie at home, a camping seaside trip to Greece with the improv brigade, a few new good friends, a new favorite dance… Basically so many things are new that it’ll take me forever to write about them. 47 more words

Daily Passions

Stitched, Broken, and Bruised Merchandise

Today is my friend Ashley’s Daughter’s real birthday.

When she was born, Ashley called me and said (the infamous first words about her sweet new baby): “MY VAGINA IS BROKEN.” Yeah, I’ve heard pushing a baby out can do a real number on those parts. 85 more words


Happy Birthday: Jimi Hendrix

James Marshall Hendrix aka Johnny Allen Hendrix 27 November 1942 – 18 September 1970)


November 27, 2014

Look who is turning six years old Thursday, November 27, 2014. 17 more words

Look Who's 6

How I stopped being a jerk and learned to like my birthday

The Internet doesn’t make people crazy. It simply draws out the crazy that’s already there.

So I can’t say social media made birthdays weird for me, because I think I’ve been weird about them for some time. 742 more words