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“Needle” Born Ruffians

Catchy, ain’t it? My number one summer track!


Modesty Monday (confidence is everything)

Beating the heat doesn’t require you to compromise your modesty… Days like this I am reminded of how much God loves me. He loved me enough to help me overcome my insecurity. 283 more words


It's in our imperfections that we find what truly makes us perfect.

It’s really easy for all of us to pick and prod at our imperfections. I should know. I spent a lot of time doing that myself. 914 more words

Loving Yourself

Born Ruffians & Needles

Album: Birthmarks
Artist: Born Ruffians

Canadian quartet Born Ruffians borrow heavily from the sound of Indie champions, Fleet Foxes; and “Needles” the opening track of “Birthmarks” is certainly no exception. 66 more words


My story: Overcoming Insecurity (Part 3/3)

Soon after realizing that I actually wanted to go ahead and overcome my fear of showing my birthmark it became difficult for me to take the first step. 1,655 more words

Loving Yourself

Leaving Your Mark: The Correlation between a Somatic Activating Mutation and the Formation of Port-Wine Stain Birthmarks

When parents hold their newborn baby for the first time, all they see, and all they will continue to see, is perfection. Nevertheless, the presence of tiny white bumps, irregular brown patches, or reddish-purple splotches can trouble the parents of an otherwise healthy child. 1,262 more words

Do you have birthmarks?

Many of us were born with a distinguishing design – a birthmark.

For some, it’s something to hide. For others, it’s a cute little thing. Scientists explain a variety of reasons these marks appear, but there still seems to be some mystery around it. 1,093 more words

Awakened Faith