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Lisa Covers Her Port Wine Stain with Veil Camouflage Makeup

Lisa was born with a port wine stain, a birthmark caused by the abnormal development of blood vessels in the skin. For many people birthmarks aren’t a huge issue, but Lisa’s is very noticeable and covers her right eye-lid and the area between her eye-brow and her hair-line. 422 more words

High Coverage Concealer

How Veil Camouflage Makeup can change your life... Liz's Story

Liz is 23 and a reception teacher. She has a port wine stain on her face and her job means that every day she has to face an audience of kids who can be extremely honest and have no qualms about telling you the truth, which for Liz can obviously be hurtful. 279 more words

High Coverage Concealer

Café au lait, s'il vous plaît.

On ‘G-Day’ (or General Day– kudos to kith and kin for the gem of a witticism) or the day that cursory care of my body is succeeded by meticulously preening á la the birdies and kitties, I oft pause to ponder the rich lore vis-à-vis birthmarks. 326 more words