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Love Heart biscuits

For when you want to show someone you love them do it with a biscuit!

These lovely biscuits are super easy to make and are really tasty. 175 more words


Banana Treats

These biscuits surprised me. I was expecting them to be pleasant enough but they far exceeded my expectation by being just marvellous. They were simple to make, the banana flavour was stronger than I expected and the cereal added a pleasant nuttiness. 173 more words


Rocky Road Biscuits

These are my packs of Rocky Road which are packed full of honeycomb, biscuit and marshmallow and glued together with chocolate.

Warning – these are incredibly addictive and leads to an empty bag every time!

Baking Projects

Crunchy Sesame Thins

Kids love Sesame Street and I love sesame seeds, in sweet goodies as well as savouries! Ma makes these wicked sesame crackers/mathris (fried little monster discs). 270 more words

Nutella cookies

My niece and nephew were coming over the other day and I wanted to bake something special for them.

I had already made banana pudding (recipe coming soon!) for us but I knew it was not their cup of tea, so I decided to search my to-bake list to find something they’d like. 168 more words


Chocolate chip biscuits

I was able to take a break from packing today and do a last bit of baking, hooray! Never mind that i’d already packed most of my baking things (who needs mixing bowls when you have a big tuppaware container!)… 157 more words


Alfajores and discoveries

One of the surprise outcomes of the World Cup was that it made me experiment with my baking. It made me research Brazilian recipes and find out more about the kinds of food that they bake. 454 more words