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They can't all be winners

Some people plan every part of their life, some of us are as spontaneous as possible.  Fortunately, we have friends who live life as ad hoc as we do.   504 more words

Toast a Farmer

Taking things for granted is so easy in todays world. Always remember that if farmers were not here, you wouldn’t be here either. They spend their money and time to feed you. 47 more words


American "Foods" That Foreigners Love To Hate

17 ‘All-American’ Foods That Foreigners Find Gross

” The US has a bad reputation abroad when it comes to food.

  From State Fair monstrosities like deep-fried lobster on a stick to fattening fast food, we’re viewed as gluttons who can’t get enough fat, sugar, and salt.

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Beer Sausage Gravy

So did you ever have one of those weeks? You know the thing. That day where you wake up late and then the Starbucks dude gets your order really wrong leaving you with a cup of really expensive yet undrinkable liquid that you just stare at whilst you sit in the biggest traffic jam since cars were invented as the needle on your gas gauges sinks ever lower past E. 625 more words


Husk Biscuits and Gravy

“Have you been to Husk yet?”
“We just went to Husk.”
“We just made reservations for Husk.”
“You just have to go to Husk.”

This is what They said. 352 more words


How to Make Amazing Biscuits and Gravy

When I was little, my mom would slave away over the hot kitchen stove every Saturday morning. I remember her constantly stirring milk sprinkled with flour and seasoned with bacon grease in a large skillet until the gravy was the desired thickness. 87 more words

Biscuits And Gravy

Comfort food makes everything better!

Comfort Food

In my personal opinion.. comfort food can range from absolutely anything.  I think that it should have an emotional connection.  I know that sounds wacky.. 293 more words