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Black Olives and Parmesan Biscuits

This week end was “special occasion” :) We had the family over for my birthday and I was thinking how I am going to set  the table: name tag, classy (new) plates and cutlery, cute purple napkins folded as a lotus flower … and what about some “biscuits” for my guests to tease their appetite ? 289 more words


Ginger and buttercream Biscuits

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a post but when I stumbled upon this recipe I felt I just had to try it! 277 more words

carrot & pumpkin soup w. cinnamon scones

this morning i woke up and wanted to go for a walk to greet the day and get my blood flowing..


there’s a church atop a hill, say fifteen minutes from my apartment, so i headed there… 170 more words


Peanut butter tiffin

This is my second attempt at posting this recipe. Epic fail the first time as my laptop got the hiccups and refused to save or upload anything. 258 more words


Brilliant Blueberry Lemon Loaf

I love lemon flavoured baked goods.  This one has a good balance of lemon, sweetness from the coconut sugar and bursts of blueberries, along with a slight saltiness :) 163 more words

Nut Free

Almond, Orange and Tahini Biscuits

I was so thrilled when Elaine of foodbod asked me to write a post for her new series, “What would you feed me?” Elaine is the embodiment of healthy eating – she is vegetarian, sugar free, caffeine free and also avoids wheat but doesn’t miss out on any flavour with her punchy Middle East inspired spicing. 349 more words


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My dear old mum is yet again in hospital following a fall and another fracture. She has pulled through surgery and hopefully on the road ( a long one) to recovery. In amongst visits to the hospital today, I managed to make these for the food techy to take back to Brisbane with him and hopefully to be shared with our friends Katherine and Richard who both enjoy these types of flavours and an unusual biscuit.   image They are incredibly easy to make and delicious. The title has healthy ingredients listed and so ......they must be! Thanks to Selma for sharing on her blog. Please visit Selma's page.....she has some wonderful thoughts and recipes to share. TBH XXX  

What I baked this month - January '15

I tried two new recipes this month. The first was melting moments. One of my all-time favourite biscuits for sure! They’re quite pricey in the shops so I decided to take the plunge and make them myself! 177 more words