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Love hurts

I was reading a post from Lizzy the Lezzy on Facebook about coming out stories. I haven’t told my mom that I’m bisexual. I want to, but there is no point in it. 726 more words

Bisexual, Maybe?

For most of my life I’ve taken it for granted that I was heterosexual – only interested in men. All my fantasies were about men, I’d only ever dated men, I was not at all interested in a threesome with another girl (despite it being suggested many times) – I had a hard enough time trusting women to be my friends let alone my lovers. 420 more words

More About Me


I sat here wondering what had I gotten myself into.

“Speaking to someone ill as myself, I thought a rare disease would cause kinship & this person wouldn’t want to throw it away.” I thought to myself disjointed, like a puzzle that’s been shaken to bits. 985 more words


Wendy Davis for Texas

Wendy Davis looks to be the first viable Democrat running for governor since Ann Richards in 1990.  Can you imagine how much better that state, and the country would be, if Texas went blue?



I cut all my hair off yesterday. Shorter than I’ve ever cut it before. I like it though. Although the top is slightly shorter than I would have liked. 184 more words

A Letter To Y

Dear Y

I see you almost daily, but there are things that I can’t say to your face, too much pain on my part. I know you think about it and wonder. 598 more words

Some Things are Better Left Unsaid...

Over time it’s become a realisation that one of the only ways for me to deal with coming out and being happy about that, is by telling my family. 471 more words