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I'm Coming Out

Coming out. The very notion of it can strike fear in even the proudest, rainbow-sporting LGBT member. How will people react? Will friends and family accept it? 508 more words


Bisexuality Doubles the Opportunity for Love, but Does it Also Double the Desire for Promiscuity?

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about Anna Paquin lately. Yes, True Blood always no my mind nowadays, that’s a given. But I’ve been thinking about Anna Paquin specifically – or rather, I’ve been thinking about recent comments that she’s made. 1,622 more words


Roscoes on 7th Street

So I got to steal away for some more vacation time and I hopped to Phoenix, Arizona for the weekend.  Before we were wheels up at SFO I had already determined in my heart that I would return to my Gay Sports MECCA while I was there.  334 more words


Anatomical Structure's Irrelevance to Justification

The Burger King publicity stunt of releasing “The Proud Whopper” and the phrase it used, “We’re all the same inside,” is yet another example of the irrational “acceptance culture” which I have written of previously. 178 more words


Police LGBT Liaison Officers Blow the Whistle on Hate Crime in Lambeth

Lambeth Metropolitan Police Service have designed a new poster to promote the Lambeth LGBT Liaision Officers who are available in Lambeth if you need their help. 33 more words

[WTRO2] Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys

edited by Melissa de la Cruz & Tom Dolby

A celebration of the most important relationship in a straight girl’s life—her gay best friend.

Thanks to iconic duos such as  193 more words


Re-reading the alphabet soup of sexuality

Disclaimer: This is an article I wrote back in June 2014 for Philadelphia Gay News, a local newspaper. I decided to post this because there’s no actual web page to access it. 604 more words