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I am in most circles openly bisexual or at least bi curious. I haven’t had many negative comments but the ones I have had are “you’re just greedy”, “bisexuals get around”, “you’ll settle one day it’s just a phase you’re going through”, “you haven’t had sex with a woman so your not bisexual”, “you haven’t dated a woman so you’re not bisexual”. 413 more words

Love your neighbor.

I’ve been putting this off for awhile.

There is one thing that irritates be beyond belief.

It’s the phrase, “love the sinner, hate the sin.” 1,132 more words

My story

Hello. You may not know me, and I may not know you. But this is the beauty of the whole scenario… It means I can tell my story without being judged on who I am, who my family is and where I stand today in society. 183 more words


A Kiss Is Only A Kiss

Love at first sight …. first bite!

Just because I like the Photograph…

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It Starts With Me: National HIV Test Week 2014

Today marks the start of National HIV Test Week, part of the Terrence Higgins Trust ‘It Starts With Me’ campaign.

Now more than ever it is of vital importance to know your status. 7 more words


The Moment

I need to find the perfect moment to tell my parents that I finally understand who I am, but every time one comes, I feel like I’m gonna throw up and get to terrified to speak. 38 more words


Woman Down....

I fell in attachment to this amazingly wonderful woman. I tripped and fell in like with the sound of her voice. Each night, I anxiously awaited our deeply beautiful sparring conversations.  127 more words

Matters Of The Heart