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How do you ensure that the one you’re in love with (but not in love with you) never hurts you?

You don’t. That’s the point. 251 more words

Second date. Am I really breaking all the rules?

Hello my 7 followers that I have now obtained! *Another happy dance* It is I, Lena, with another installment of “holy mother of god this is my confusing life.” Lovely. 423 more words


Communication & Connection

Oh my Lord, I haven’t felt connected to my husband Keith in such a long time. I don’t know, we’re just in thisĀ space where the talks are free flowing and things are seriously GOOD. 529 more words


Trapped OUTSIDE the closet

There are numerous views and perceptions about gays and lesbians. Stances rooted in religious beliefs and other traditional factors continue to place a shining light on members of the LGBT community. 747 more words

Random Rants

What an a

I am a bit shy until I get to know someone and even then I tend to let others approach me. So I tend to make J speak to me first. 125 more words


My First Date in 8 Years

I nervously applied, and re-applied my lipgloss, as I rode in the passenger seat of my husband’s car. We were heading out, on a Friday night, to the restuarant where we had our first date almost 8 years ago. 389 more words