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Getting Poetry from your Lover

While I’ve only gone on one date in person, our texting relationship has blossomed into something really magical. We connect on so many different topics, but especially over our love of literature. 77 more words


How to Respond to Homosexuals Who Say They Experience God's Power

Christians today are caught in a deep moral dilemma. They want to act with love and compassion toward their lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender friends and family, but at the same time, they see how gay activism is changing America, and they don’t know how to respond rightly.


Hard Core

I guess my core would be hard too, if it were full of iron chain.


How can you be bisexual, if you haven't dated any guys...?

I’ve always considered myself unique.

Narcissism aside, I have always felt my desire to get to know people a unique quality about myself.  I enjoy talking to random people about random things, especially when those people are nice (I don’t do well with mean people, because I tend to get mean back…or run away scared). 1,341 more words


(Un)Seen: J's Story

As part of an initiative to build bisexual and pansexual solidarity and visibility, I posted an ongoing call for contributions, asking for your stories of life in the middle of the sexuality spectrum.  812 more words


Review: Miss Dynamite @ MissFit Easter Thursday

The bank holiday weekend was heralded in by the MissFit girls in style with a special party featuring Miss Dynamite. We headed down there for some 90’s vibes, pop and DnB Miss Dynamitee-ee style. 426 more words