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The Trouble with Loving Lee

I met Lee through my cousin, Daniel when we were standing in a McDonalds of all places. He’d come up to us and started talking to Daniel about football or some other sport that I had no interest in and so I zoned out of their conversation. 3,472 more words

Save the date: 25 Sept Bi-Visibility Day

From Bi-Visibility to Bi-Inclusion: A Discussion

Southwark LGBT Network is marking Bi-Visibility Day with a panel discussion bringing together leading bi activists, writers, thinkers, and community members to discuss the inclusion of bisexual people in LGB&T organisations, and wider society, and how we can ensure fair and inclusive representations of bi-identity in the media. 326 more words

Forbidden Love

Before I knew this person I was a reckless person, a person who doesn’t care for herself, a very childish person. I was in first year highschool and friends with nobody since I have no classmate from my former elementary friends. 2,087 more words


I'm back...

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. Partly because I’ve been busy…. but mostly because I’ve tried to train myself to not feel the way I do anymore. 284 more words


Polyamory....or something.

My wife and I talked last week and decided that I could have sex with people outside of our marriage. This is kind of awesome because my wife has sort of come to terms with the fact that she is not so into the sexy stuff. 81 more words

An open letter to biphobes

So you said something, you didn’t think it was offensive, but suddenly you find bisexuals getting angry with you.  You try to explain and it just seems to make it worse, it seems they just want to be offended.  520 more words