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Confronting my conflict with colour......and diving in!

I learned today that my fear around applying colour to my 3D work, lies in a deep fear that i do not know enough about colour theory and am unable to talk about it in an artistic manner. 85 more words

The Frosted Glass - a morning poem

It’s the powder room at the end of the hall
That no one else ever uses
(most likely, because it has no shower, no counter space) 255 more words


New work.

With only a few weeks left until graduation, my head is still full of ideas for ceramic vessels. Unfortunately, I can no longer make any more wet work, so now the focus is on glazing and majolica decorations for dishes that I have never shown before in posts (it will be a surprise)! 52 more words

The life of a handmade pot

I like to throw my small bowls off the hump.  The routine of centering, throwing, cutting, and repeating tends to makes my bowls more similar in shape when I do this.  235 more words

The Glaze Book: The Godsend

This is the Glazebook that has been giving me textures and gorgeous glazes lately, one of the most important items for creating key work. Making the glazes are shit but mixing the ingredients and finding out what they do is so much easier with this book. 6 more words


Experiments 2014

These are some in progress shots of some bisked items I have. They’re experiments for my fabric/fashion concentration, manipulating folds and textures. I will end up using some glazes I have that create some lovely fabric textures.