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Pesky American English -isms! You can learn something New Every day - and not always so entertainingly!

Entertaining as well as enlightening. Refreshingly natural and humourous (or should it be ‘humorous’ or even ‘humoros’?) presentation style too, which could well be used in any presentations we may have to do ourselves from time to time. 18 more words


A Couple of WoW links that worked for me

Talk about Cycling; talk about urban commuting cycling; about Mountain Biking; about the Tour de France; &c. And let’s not even think about the other side of the Cycling coin such as aggressive cyclists, urban cycle couriers, red light jumpers, &c. 82 more words


Strike Force Heroes

Hi Guys

I have not been feeling well lately and I found that playing strike force heroes was fun and helped relieve a bit of stress. 80 more words


Future Chronicles- an intriguing Project and a Powerful Web Design. Have to Dig Deeper!


This is an absolutely intriguing project on an extremely captivating and well designed site. I have only just encountered it and look forward to digging deeper. You may too.



sat in the tall reeds

 ’til i forget who i am -


a water rat



Loved this Richard Branson story ...

In an interview with this great entrepreneur in the Observer newspaper, Richard Branson explained how Virgin Airlines came about.
He tells the story of how, in his twenties, his flight from Puerto Rico to the Virgin Islands was cancelled by the airline because there weren’t enough passengers. 111 more words

Good Ideas

The British Tag!

The British Tag – 12 questions

Thanks to Cate over at Me Add Three for the tag – 12 questions originally created by Sammi from… 390 more words