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Crowd sourcing epigrams and adages

Last week I wrote down on a post-it note my three favourite adages and epigrams.

This week, when I looked at it I thought to myself: 85 more words

The Old Masters – re-interpreted 78

All together now – and with feeling …..[singing to the tune of Peach Pickin’ Time in Georgia, by Jimmie Rodgers]… A-one, and a-two… 115 more words

Falling Down On Your Arts?

Digging for Roots

Our weekly writing challenge is Digging for Roots

For the eternal traveller, do I feel like I have roots? If that means I am somehow planted somewhere for the rest of my life, then no is the answer. 247 more words


Salad Days! daily prompt

Ahhhh! When I think of the good old days, it reminds me of a time spent on family outings, camping, surf fishing and swimming – it brings lots of color and lightness to my mind. 291 more words


The Old Masters – re-interpreted 77

….Aaand we’re back from our peregrinations (that’s ‘long, meandering travels‘ as I’m sure you highly intelligent, well educated and perspicacious readers already know). Of course you’re all dazzlingly brilliant – you’re reading this blog aren’t you? 63 more words

Humour - Or Humor

Outside my Window?

What do I see outside my window?

Finally, the last view to reveal – the front view from my lounge room – the solitude view, the hidden neighbours, the lure of a greenland beyond my ground with the mail storage for the local mailman for easy loads, not forgetting the pathway alongside my lot.

301 more words

*Maggie Island

 Magnetic Island

After a few weeks of procrastination, was it yay, or was it nay? Did we want to spend the $180 to go across on the barge with the car?

1,319 more words