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Bendtner with a bra on his winkle

I tried to think of a witty, tabloid-esque headline for this post, but I just don’t think a pun exists that would befit an image such as this. 20 more words


look, mum - no Hans!

I wrote the best part of three hundred words on how teams with standout superstars didn’t fair too well at the World Cup and how the best… 351 more words

World Cup

Its a strange but beautiful place...

I quickly learned that as fun as this place can be its also quite strange. People party like animals and one wild night my voice ended up so hoarse from singing along to the bosses band the craic horse that wellย as they always say ‘a picture tells a thousand words’

Day 10 - Succulent Stamping

It’s Sunday. Time for a bit of fun – tried my hand at carving a few stamps. It’s really quite meditative, taking away each piece of rubber until you’re happy. 9 more words

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