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Top Ten Fictional Cops

Harry Callaghan aka Dirty Harry

Let’s face it, when starting your career in the Metropolitan Police didn’t you want to have the conflict resolution and harm minimisation skills of one H Callaghan. 37 more words


The Old Masters – re-interpreted 80

Greetings from this primitive corner of Africa. Our DSL line is still down (eight days and counting). In the light (‘a very unfunny choice of phrase’ – Mrs Chips… 112 more words

Humour - Or Humor

Weekend Bike Warriors 2

The Strand

just thought I would put this one in today of what we got up to on the weekend!

you might want to check out the first clip… 145 more words


Ready, Set Done!

Ready, Set, Done!
As it’s been a while since our last free-write… set a timer for ten minutes. Write without pause (and no edits!) until you’re out of time.
285 more words

A Man Walks Into A Bar...

From http://writingexercises.co.uk/quick-plot-generator.php

Your main character is a cruel 36 year-old man. The story begins in a bar. Someone telling the truth isn’t believed. It’s a story about loneliness.

2,467 more words
Writing Exercises

The Old Masters – re-interpreted 79

Seven days hath passed since we spake last; and lo, ’tis Wednesday once more. ‘Tis that time of the week when we gather as one, to smite the sensitivities of a poor defenceless Old Master. 62 more words

Humour - Or Humor

Crowd sourcing epigrams and adages

Last week I wrote down on a post-it note my three favourite adages and epigrams.

This week, when I looked at it I thought to myself: 85 more words