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One of the tools that I always felt was a secondary thought and did not matter much was the VCS. That was until I finally started using Git last Summer. 222 more words

Doing CI: Jenkins, Git and BitBucket

Git is my primary weapon as it comes to SCM. Jenkins is my weapon of choice for automatically building any code I have, either from Team Frustration Server or Git. 276 more words


174th day

I am solving my source control issues after running into some limitations with my free Bitbucket provider.

I picked up a virtual machine on the… 103 more words


170th - 173rd day

Still working on making procedural geometry and other fancy things for my navigation UI and features. Don’t have anything cool to show right now, but I did also get a bit sidetracked because of source control issues. 462 more words


The Magic of GitHub

I try to keep myself updated on the latest techy and savvy things that come up. One such thing was GitHub (https://github.com/) and I really didn’t understand jack from the google searches that I could do from the god awful Internet speed that my college provided. 184 more words


Growing dev-tool maker Atlassian takes $150M to reward its employees

If your company has more than one developer, they need to collaborate on code, track issues together, and just generally talk.

Atlassian has been in that business since 2002. 367 more words


Data Structure Organization

Many years ago, while I was still in college, I decided to write a few data structures for a little practice.  It helped me out a lot in getting used to C++ and also having a greater understanding for how the basic data structures are written.   95 more words