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Tip # 1

After this last experience I had I’d like to start with a few main tips:

1) use a version control system to save your source code {I know stories of people that where working on their thesis and had their laptop stolen with the only printed copy – the thief managed to steal more than one laptop but took the bag that had the printed copy; or simply had a virus on the laptop} – personally I use GIT for code I want to share and BITBUCKET for code I wanna keep for myself… 74 more words

Python and Jenkins integration

Lately we started using Jenkins at work. With proper configuration for PHP it allow us to perform predefined list of tasks in response to merge requests. 1,056 more words


One Netiquette Many Netiquettes

Netiquette, social rules for the internet, has been codified, updated, and brought into version control with Git on Bitbucket. Netiquettes are the… 281 more words


Code Repositories

  1. GitHub
    • Free: Your code will be publicly available
    • Paid: You can keep your repositories private
  2. Bitbucket
    • Unlimited private code repositories
    • Free for 5 users
    • Git Or Mercurial…
  3. 174 more words

If A Robot can Fall and Stand Back Up, So Can You

Be Inspired

There was a robot today, who due to it’s targeting system, repeatedly fell but then got back up. The only thing I could think was “wow he’s not giving up”. 691 more words


Arduino Door Controller - Being Frugal with RAM

So I had the opportunity this weekend to spend some time finally starting development work with my Arduino. A simple start I thought – import some libraries and start cranking out the code. 1,701 more words

Update Single Git Repository

VersionEye has a very good integration for GitHub, Bitbucket and Stash. It can monitor project files from different repositories and multiple branches. If VersionEye is connected to a GitHub Account it fetches meta data about that account via the official API. 89 more words

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