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Build It & They Will Come (Seriously It's Simple)

The coming of the Information Age reminds me of the movie Field of Dreams and the Natural combined. A field is built in Field of Dreams at the instruction of an ominous voice that says, ‘build it and they will come’. 686 more words


Clone all repositories from a user (bitbucket)

Now that I have computer, the next step is to install everything I use on daily basis, and set-up my projects space. This involves cloning all my repositories. 419 more words

Pip and Github or Bitbucket

To use pip to install an app from Bitbucket, do this:

pip install git+ssh://git@bitbucket.org/my_username/my_repo.git@tagnumber

Or to install the latest:

pip install git+ssh://git@bitbucket.org/my_username/my_repo.git

To put it in your requirements file: 120 more words

Step by Step: Create a clean Pull Request in Git

- Assuming that you have git set up in environment variables and installed already.

– Assuming that you’ve not cloned any repository.

Go to the directory which you want to push to the cloud, git or bibucket. 232 more words

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Tip # 1 - Overall structure of a project

After this last experience I had I’d like to start with a few main tips:

1) use a version control system to save your source code {I know stories of people that where working on their thesis and had their laptop stolen with the only printed copy – the thief managed to steal more than one laptop but took the bag that had the printed copy; or simply had a virus on the laptop} – personally I use GIT for code I want to share and BITBUCKET for code I wanna keep for myself… 68 more words

Python and Jenkins integration

Lately we started using Jenkins at work. With proper configuration for PHP it allow us to perform predefined list of tasks in response to merge requests. 1,056 more words


One Netiquette Many Netiquettes

Netiquette, social rules for the internet, has been codified, updated, and brought into version control with Git on Bitbucket. Netiquettes are the… 281 more words