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Quick Windows User Tip for Bitbucket/Git/Bash

After deving on a Mac for a few weeks, I really started loving the cached credentials that were set to on by default in Bash. Especially when working with remote repositories like Bitbucket that I needed to log into. 125 more words

Should GitHub be part of a developer's resume?

Like many, I’ve counseled developers that their public code repositories like GitHub/BitBucket are most certainly ripe for examination by potential employers.  Yesterday, I had an interesting conversation between a recruiter and a colleague about the potential dangers behind this, both from the perspective of the employer and developer. 538 more words


Team Robbie + 1


Team Robbie is an independent team including developers & thinkers which the goal is to imagine concepts and then make them real. I’am happy to announce that I’am a member of it since few hours!


Source Control with BitBucket and Git

Today I was presented with a task that I have been trying to avoid for quite a while. See I knew that somehow I need to get to this as I was looking into hosting the code for my sample application that I am building at home…. 761 more words