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Team Robbie + 1


Team Robbie is an independent team including developers & thinkers which the goal is to imagine concepts and then make them real. I’am happy to announce that I’am a member of it since few hours!


Source Control with BitBucket and Git

Today I was presented with a task that I have been trying to avoid for quite a while. See I knew that somehow I need to get to this as I was looking into hosting the code for my sample application that I am building at home…. 761 more words


Using Bitbucket


Whenever I try using bitbucket for managing a project code, I always face the basic steps to create a repo whithin bitbucket :P. So, I decided to include here, these basic or initial steps as described originally by bitbucket. 137 more words



Last year, my father asked me about a wildlife camera, after several hours searching on Google, I decided to create my own using C++ code and the Raspberry Pi. 148 more words

New Single Page App for GitHub/Bitbucket integration

Yesterday we launched the new Single Page App for the VersionEye – GitHub/Bitbucket integration. For sure you know the old one. This here.

It had a lot of disadvantages. 269 more words

Git и разработка под 1С Битрикс

Как мы работаем с Git? Все очень просто.

При создании проекта, необходимо:

  1. производится чистая установка 1С Битрикс со всеми модулями, которые потребуются в дальнейшем;
  2. на bitbucket заводится репозиторий нашего проекта;
  3. 75 more words


This post is an introduction to a library I have written, UnitC++.

UnitC++ is a modern, light weight, header-only c++ library for making unit testing easy. 1,211 more words