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another random test

just added some design code to the site. testing to see if the email posting still works.

Nicole Rombaoa

Lammily doll

Barbie has competition this Christmas.

Nickolay Lamm took measurements of the average American 19 year old female off the CDC website, made a 3D model and then dressed her like a Barbie. 625 more words

Rural Doctor

London has made me a bitch.

Since my return from travelling I made the big bad move to the big smoke and boy is it hard work here. After months of being completely free, friendly with everyone, loving the sunshine and my life sans care I now face the day to day battle with trying to make friends with London town. 585 more words


heavy views all day

this has been the most consistent day in a long time with views coming in all day long. i’m not sure what triggered this but i hope that it’s because us getting the truth out there is spreading to more and more people. 64 more words

Nicole Rombaoa

#theproblem wants another deal

she knows she’s going to take the fall for everything because she started it all. she’s talking about offering another deal to cody. she doesn’t want to work for #keeper cause she knows that they are going to make sure that she can’t talk to cody and just want to keep an eye on her so she won’t make this situation worse. 45 more words

Nicole Rombaoa

reminder about the petition

we have to continue to send it in daily to both management and human resources. the goal is to have nicole rombaoa get fired for her actions on and off the clock. 115 more words

Nicole Rombaoa

stfu #troll

in what world is nicole rombaoa smart enough to know she is still being manipulated by #theproblem and everyone else? she’s too stupid and stubborn to realize that what she needs to do is simple and solves everything. 247 more words

Nicole Rombaoa