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Ellen herself has mentioned many times that she loves to buy houses and then renovate them, and that she loves to visit flea markets to dig up cunning finds for her many homes. 389 more words



I’ll leave it for you to decide who the crazy one in this video is.

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Crazy bitch tip: Be careful with your terminology.

Crazy Bitch

They tell us to be nonviolent. They tell us to be peaceful. They tell us violence never solved anything. Yet they turn right around and use violence against us. When you have been spat on. When your eyes have been knocked crossed and your lip has been bruised and bloody and swollen. When you have been drug through the street like a wild animal. When you have been called nigger, mother fuc%er, bitch, bastard. When your family has been threatened. When you have lost sleep at night worrying and wondering are you next. Will they take your life next. When you have traveled up and down the highway and across the country and you seen the devastation firsthand. Then and only then will you be able to understand the movement. Then and only then will you be able to say whether or not you will choose violence. Then and only then will you be able to say all lives matter but the emphasis is on black lives because black lives are being taken at an unprecedented rate. The federal government planned and executed Martin Luther King. That same federal government gave Martin Luther King a national holiday. That same federal government killed Malcolm X. That same federal government is alive today and the only significant difference between then and now is they wear suits instead of sheets. When will you care? Will it have to be your family member being shot and killed? Will it have to be your fiancé or your husband or your wife or your baby that is beaten before you pay attention? Does it have to result to your child being national headline news because he or she is at the center of another sad case of police brutality? #MartinLutherKing #MalcolmX #TamirRice #TrayvonMartin #EricGarner #CivilRights #HumanRights #PoliceBrutality #Corruption #BlackLivesMatter #Amerikkka

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Prostituida por silencios.

Cuerpo menudo, de piernas infinitas y poco pecho, pero a pocos les importaba eso.

Cabello dorado, con la intención de parecer más joven,

simple apariencia. 548 more words

The Neurotic Nerd Reviews: Gotham- Welcome Back, Jim Gordon

So I’ve been trying to get this damn piece of popcorn out of my teeth for, like, 30 minutes and it’s driving me batty. Speaking of Bats, lets take a look at the new Gotham episode (Sorry, guys, I had to. 1,598 more words


About the stupid little monsters in the tummy

Hey you <3

Again I have to apologize, but something is wrong with the backup here.

I actually planned a “What’s on my iPhone” post and I wrote that about 2 hours, and then I wanted to add the pictures and suddenly the last backup was deleted, so I made this post. 380 more words


When a parent disappoints a child...

How many of you have sat back and listened to stories of your parents’ youthful adventures?  I bet you listened with all your senses and categorized all the adventures for the rebuttal when you dared to have your own.   898 more words