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I can’t leave my mum alone with that disgusting man. It’s scary for me every single time when they’re alone. I don’t know how mentally damaged she gets every time he says something. 58 more words


The only time the
rabbit eats hay is when he’s
hand fed. What a bitch.

I'm Sallie Mae's Bitch!

So I have not blogged in a while cause not only was I dealing with the traumatic experience of my daughter starting Kindergarten, a week later I was faced with my own back to school demons. 230 more words

Eckto Gamut


Beauty is
that skinny bitch
who won’t give you the time of day
who hides behind huge sunglasses
and always carries a can of pink mace. 103 more words


High Society At A New Low

Passed out til noon

She swigs Bloody Marys while applying

War paint with an unsteady hand.

Sunken, hungover, puffy eyes

Veiled by Visine.

Barely gets the red out. 77 more words


Be Bitch.

When I was in Grade 6, I was summoned by our Guidance Counselor together with my two other classmates. Maverick and Mendiola are teasing V (I’ll not name the girl for feminism’s sake.) I am sitting beside the two and I was laughing so hard whenever they hit hard jokes on the girl. 103 more words


The Princess And The Pea-Brained

A prince, it seems, who was obsessed,
With finding himself a true princess,
And tests the girls he might be wedding,
By the discomforts of their bedding, 54 more words