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My head hurts just thinking about the holidays and all the happiness and glee. I guess after you have a ton of bad crap happen to you 2 strokes in one month and a ride in the flight for life hanging on for dear life, you would think I would be happier but I’m not my more I guess you could say bitter. 326 more words

Is kindness really lost in the public transport world?

Earlier today I was visiting my partner in hospital, I had to leave at a specific time as I did not wish to walk home in the dark and I was alone which made it even scarier..truly anything can happen. 175 more words


I can’t.

Stringy hair, sunken eyes relay your grungy, shameless lies
Rotting innards acting out
Crumpled teeshirt, yank it down
Dirty nails, too-low cut jeans… 21 more words

Joe Six Pack

I have seen “Joe Six Pack”

Scratching his crotch

Yawning and stretching

In yesterdays socks

His large intrepid form

Still in its adolescent bulk

Hungers for beer in its six-pack shape… 72 more words


Stand with Hillary: Part 2 Arkansas

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Hillary Clinton has been called every name in the book on this site by the editor and its viewers. 530 more words


Working Class Hero

Who Are You?


W-H-A-T J-O-B.

Retail Assistant.

Retail Assistant?
You’re Inferior.
You’re Not Welcome Here, In This Elite World.

I’m A Working Class Hero Anyway. 14 more words

Subliminal Scribble 271

Life is like a sadistically abusive bastard,

and I’m like the blind bitch who¬†keeps

getting up and going back for more.