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Opinion – Here Come the Girls

Is history doomed to repeat itself? Yesterday (Saturday, 18th of October) I read the Guardian’s review section and I felt exasperated and irritated by the first few pages. 498 more words


Stereotypes: Intersections of Depression, by Walker Karraa, PhD

The night before my trip, I woke up at the magic hour—3:30AM. The hour depression informs me it is dropping in for a visit. A few hours later I landed in a the middle of America dazed and confused—convinced that Delta had lied about their coffee being caffeinated, and determined to take it up with customer service. 512 more words


Addicted to misogyny?

It’s time to quit bitchin’, literally and metaphorically.

Why literally?
This blog post is a reaction to the articleAddicted to misogyny? Music videos still don’t get what women really want. 265 more words

Popular Culture

'The Bitch Mobb'

This piece is a dedication to my squad at course the ‘Bitch mobb’. It is our gang that is AGAINST gangs and violence, (the guns in the picture are irrelevant) most people that get peer pressured into doing violent and unethical acts are referred to as ‘bitches’ if they don’t participate in these activities. 208 more words

And You Are?

So let me get this straight. You called dibs. Thats a thing? You’re an adult. In college. And dibs is still a thing? So you get to control who I like and who I can do things with? 188 more words

Whore Pride !

I’m proud to be a whore. I’m proud to be a slut, and let me tell you, ladies, why you should be too!

First off, what is a whore? 1,015 more words