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new blog

I want to make a new blog. I know I have a lot of them. I don’t want anyone to forget what happened here unless it’s fixed. 36 more words


Bitch please. Bitch no.

Call me old fashioned, but I have a big problem with anyone, girl or boy, who isn’t a friend of sorts, calling me a bitch. 148 more words

Date Night

Are the 'right now''s really worth the 'what if''s?

Alright. Almost a week ago the boyfriend and I got into a huge fight and basically broke up for a few hours. I found out a few days ago that in that time period he contacted his stupid slut ex, who fucked my ex, because he was afraid of being alone. 485 more words

Putting the 'hot' in 'pushy, psychotic bitch'

Last month, Pantene followed up their ad, Labels Against Women, which called attention to the gender bias and double standard that still exists prominently in today’s world, with the following ad: 297 more words

Cultural Issues

Aviators and Assholes

There is something lacking here in the city, something i took for granted most of my life. I for as long as i can remember have been a believer, a believer in human goodness and manners, over my time working with the public ive never really changed my position on this, for every asshole I’ve met I’ve met ten decent people, this is one of the perks of working with mainly down to earth folks, i can however see polite society being eroded every day, yep the asshole and complete bitch brigade have been recruiting quite well and from what i can see they are particularly adept in built up urban areas with “few social problems” they have a uniform now too, oversized aviator glasses… 99 more words

The Mean Girl Experience

We all know them. We’ve all been cut by some scathing remark. We’ve all heard women putting each other down; the slut-shaming, the jealousy, the snide comments, and the whispers. 356 more words

Small Humans