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Since I have been to this place a few times, I guess it deserves a post on my blog.
Papi in QRE Wan Chai has the concept of small plate, bite-sized Italian dining. 88 more words

Eating Around

How to Create Hype? Use Food!

Zomato, a website and app that lets people search for restaurants around their city, created a fun series of advertisements to attract attention. The question is, which kind of person are you?

Hole In The Wall

Bite-Size Post: Writing Habits

Human beings love routine and habit. Whenever I decide to sit down to a nice, long session of writing, I will inevitably go and fetch myself a cup of tea, pace up and down the room a few times, and stare gormlessly out of the window for several minutes before I actually get started. 249 more words

Creative Writing

Pancake Battered Banana Bites

For those of you that have been following me for a while, you know that I have had a long hard battle with my daughter over eating. 369 more words


Select Wine Like a Boss

Don’t know the difference between wines other than if tastes good or not? No problem! Wine Folly offers an awesome intro infographic to that explains wine type, tasting and pairing with meal types. 7 more words

Hole In The Wall

Bite-Size Post: Guilty Pleasures

While studying literary fiction at university, pretty much all of main-stream literature was considered a guilty pleasure. I remember on one occasion, one of my class-mates bought the lecturer a copy of Harry Potter as a joke, and he spent half of the lesson¬†complaining about the thing and spitting insults at ‘the sort of person’ who would like¬†it. 178 more words

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These vegan, no bake, gluten free brownie balls were somewhat of a wonderful accident whilst in the kitchen trying to improve on the sweet potato brownie recipe by the amazing Deliciously Ella. 305 more words