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Agricultural Innovation

Where is the limit to agricultural innovation? That‘s what a friend of mine – a Romanian living in the Netherlands who took the picture – recently asked herself. 111 more words

Bite Sized

Peeling an orange

Peel an orange with a knife if you want to avoid your fingernails to turn orange and to slightly detach from the nail bed.

Any knife can be used to peel an orange in three steps – no matter whether it is extra sharp or children-safe blunt. 128 more words

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Manga Salad – goes with or without sushi

Why should you make this salad? Cause it looks amazing :) For real, it’s appearance is quite unique. Besides, it is the ultimate health advisor’s dream. 320 more words

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Sweets you must try... episode 1

it is special… very special.. salty liquorice.. a sweet which you either love or hate. And, if you love it, you get addiced. In any case, this Swedish “lösgodis” deserves a place in any “things-I-have-to-try-before-a-dye” (spelling mistakes intended). 19 more words

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German ice-cream war

For all food addicts out there – here comes the big news. As you always knew – ice cream can be very innovative. In the age of molecular gastronomy a new ice-cream was invented that it supposed to revolutionize both our taste, touch and visual concept of ice. 79 more words

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Superlicious, supranational lentils salad

I don‘t know where this salad is actually from. But I am sure several nations claim to be its country of origin. Since my Mom always makes it for me, I guess it is Bulgarian. 387 more words

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The ultimate secret of peeling cucumbers – for everybody who has not heard about it yet

Cucumbers are popular all around the world. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes; infamous forever will be the EU guideline (abolished only a couple of years ago) determining the exact size and shape for cucumbers to be sold in the EU. 330 more words

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