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Bite-Size Post: The Perfect Library

I read this article the other day on a library in the US that is being pressured to move away from the traditional format of quiet stacks and dusty books and towards the more modern approach of coffee shops and computers. 203 more words

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The countdown is running down: only few hours left till Cinnamon Bunn Day

A friend of mine (thank you Helena) has a theory: in order for Swedes (she is Swedish herself) to be able to combat the dark season (sth Sweden is blessed with) they invent holidays. 58 more words


Bite-Size Post: Banned Book Week

I hope you all enjoyed Banned Book Week! I actually heard about it a little late so I’m playing catch-up right now, but I’m glad I got the chance to read up on this. 101 more words

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Panko breaded zuchini sticks

These little puppies are an awesome snack. I also love serving them as a vegetable side dish with supper! Kids might even love these (though I am no expert in that department.) 301 more words


Flying Food?

A Berlin-based designer named Nora Luther along with photographer Pavel Becker decided to provide use with delicious eye candy. No, no, not that kind. ;) 31 more words

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9:03-bit: Inhale, exhale

Have you ever experienced that feeling when you goofed up big time, people found out about it, you’re already in deep trouble, you want to crawl into a hole, and now things feel like they’ve settled and you know shit is about to go down once again but you’re unsure when exactly it’s going to happen? 189 more words

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Take a Bite of This!

Many things go into planning an event. If asked what was the best part of an event, your answer would probably be one of the following: the food, music, decorations, or even the guests. 266 more words