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Handmade Candy Cane

As we are closing in on Christmas, I think it would be appropriate to pull out the candy canes. Check out how Lofty Pursuits, a Florida based Victorian confectionery, presented a video on how it makes its hand made candy canes.

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The City with More Than 70 Bakeries

It’s always fun to see what you can learn online. It seems Israeli’s have a sweet tooth that goes beyond chocolate. A city in Israel called Haifa is home to over 70 bakeries for a population of 270,000 people. 10 more words

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Bite-Size Appetizer: Bacon Wrapped Dates

The first time I ever had Bacon-Wrapped Dates they were disguised under the name “Devils on Horseback” at The Pearl here in Columbus. THANK GOD I asked the waiter what Devils on Horseback was because it was a life changing appetizer. 428 more words


Hot sauce makes the man

A study from France titled “Some like it hot: Testosterone predicts laboratory eating behavior of spicy food” (I really love the title) shows that men who loved spicy food tended to have higher levels of testosterone as reported in… 56 more words

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On the spotlight: vegan salchichas by "el chino latino cocina"


To get this right: we are not seeing here “just” another vegan sausage recipe. If his recipe only would present another variation on this topic, E.C.L.C. 75 more words

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Hungarian-style sauerkraut tastes best with German black bread

Well, what is Hungarian-style sauerkraut? It is a method (supposedly common in Hungary) of spicing the sauerkraut without killing too many of its valuable probiotics. As sauerkraut contains more healthy probiotics than yoghurt and is a very important source of vitamin C and B12, this is a desired outcome. 217 more words

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Zaatar Truffle

I love zaatar. It’s fantastic with labaneh yoghurt cheese and pita or laffa bread. I just never imagined that someone would combine it with chocolate. Yes, chocolate. 57 more words

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