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Atlanta’s Rock and Roll Prophet

Atlanta, GA is a great city with a lot to offer. If you don’t live in Atlanta you probably have the wrong impression of our city. 260 more words


Day 160 - Running Wild

It’s been a while since I’ve written and I apologize for that. We have been busy trying to reestablish ourselves and gather supplies.

We stayed at the housing complex for a couple of days, using it as a home base while we gathered food and fuel again. 456 more words

Day 147 - Gone

It’s gone! Everything we packed yesterday is gone! We went to the trucks this morning and they had been completely emptied. The three of us stood there is shock staring at the empty truck beds. 159 more words

Day 146 - Packing up

We started packing up and getting ready to move today. Over the last while we acquired some pickup trucks so loading everything was relatively simple. We have gone through and filled as many gas cans that we can carry with us. 183 more words

Day 145 - Enough

I have officially had enough! I’ve talked to Keith and Carrie and we can’t stay here anymore. With what I saw today from the roof, I don’t want to have to see these bloody creatures again. 397 more words

Day 140 - Chaos

The last two days have been utter chaos. Tony has disappeared again and this time it looks like he’s taken everything of his with him. In other words, he has left us. 327 more words

Day 138 - a little humour

The putrid reminder of the crawling corpse remains on the road below us. While the first wave of hospital patients has gone through, the reminder of them remains. 172 more words