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The feline AIDS by veterinarians of Lachine

Veterinarians of Lachine demystify feline AIDS.

Our kitties are usually reluctant to venture away from home when it’s cold and the temperature is gloomy. But when it starts to get beautiful, it’s another story. 698 more words


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Feline AIDS is a real threat to our cats!

Fried Cheesy Bites.

One of the things I miss the most about Indiana is Culver’s.  The closest one from where I live now is a good two hours away, so I haven’t been to one in a while now.   763 more words


Liebster award

I got some delightful news today, I was nominated for a Liebster award by Simply Delicious! The award is given from blogger to blogger and helps lesser known blogs, like mine, to gain a bit more attention. 669 more words


Warning Label

Captured by @Thcreateo

What is honesty? Not the honesty your parents ranted about as they threaten you with beatings over a broken vase or sneaking sleeves of cookies. 965 more words


Every Wonder Why Mosquitoes.....??

Every wonder why mosquitoes target you or certain people?  In this minute or so video, hopefully, this will put everything in perspective for you..



Meat and Potato Pie

Possibly the most difficult thing I’ve had to make, but hey this was an experiment. The outcome was pretty successful after surfing the web for the most simple, basic recipe for making a pie and then tweaking bits myself.  420 more words


How to Treat Animal Bites

Photo credit: http://www.ryot.org

By Britney Pieta

Many of us who have never had an animal bite us may think it could never happen to us. And as much as we love our furry friends sometimes they can hurt us if they feel threatened. 239 more words