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By David C. Egner

They were both righteous before God . . . . But they had no child. —Luke 1:6-7

Barrenness, whether physical or spiritual, can lead to bitterness in some of God’s people. 251 more words

626: my favorite excerpt from: "xiv: a hint of wordplay with a whole lotta' bitterness"

  i just want you to know
  i’m bitter because your
  words were like poetry
  created especially for
  my heart and all you
  wanted to do was stick… 57 more words


xiv: a hint of wordplay with a whole lotta' bitterness.


    swallow my words and choke on them
let them fester in your thoughts and tear you apart
  let them leave you helpless in your time of need… 261 more words


I need a dream doctor

Edit: Hey Angels! I’m back with an old post, the one I kept in my draft folder since Nov 26 2013. Thanks for reading! <3 By the way I haven’t had any dreams recently, I guess that signifies something too. 377 more words


Daft Cunt

You’re a fucking daft cunt

A waste of air, a waste of time

You’re as welcome as an infected boil on my ass

And I doubt… 64 more words

New Age Writers

swallowed fantasies

I stare at the lights of the city through the window; dots of yellow and red, stagnant as the light posts shed brightness along the sidewalk, and whooshing through as the cars pass the streets. 513 more words


Venting, Burning, Destroying


Today I had to vent to my friend about what this she did. Yeah, I have to vent a lot about this or I’ll get stressed out. 1,207 more words