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the flower seller

has no red chrysanthemums—

I sip bitter tea


The Dissociative Identity of a Bitter Romantic

What does it mean to love love as bitterly as a floating feather is delicate? It is like surfing through waves to find the exact spot of sand where a past lover proposed through shivering lips, and being in the wrong ocean completely. 306 more words

Elbow's Special Brew: two years beyond it's best before date

The band Elbow enjoy their ale. In keeping with this they have commissioned beers to mark the releases of their most recent albums. My friend found a couple of bottles of ‘Build A Rocket Boys’ while tidying his garage and knowing that I’m fond of music and beer offered me one. 140 more words


A motion picture runs before ma eyes
Eyes sore with tears,
Tears watered by pain,
Pain rooted in hatred,
Hatred of the blood that flows in I. 129 more words


How The Disability Blame-Game Works

Having a distinctive trait that separates you from “normal” can easily become a go-to excuse for all of life’s problems. When that trait is living with a disability, it can soon mean that nearly everything is fair game to be blamed on physical impairment. 749 more words

Self-help/Public Digression

31st Jan 2014, 4:36pm

I’m just going to eat ice cream all day and act like we never happened

203. Brew by Number's 16|01

Back to our friends at Brew by Numbers with their quirky super-plain packaging and overly ordered naming system. This is a particularly hoppy “Red Ale” which from my limited wikipedia-based research appears to basically be a dark bitter, not malty like a ruby. 96 more words