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The impacts of life would hit you square in the face the moment you realize that we care for those who hate us,Hate those who love us and love those who avoid us…Its a bitter world out there, maybe to bitter for some of us,to hard to live in and equally difficult to accept..


Second thoughts on the mysterious origins of AK

There are times when the honest historian has to put his hand up and say: forgive me, for I was wrong. Prompted by a sharp dig from Ron Pattinson, I’ve finally withdrawn a piece I wrote six years ago about the origins of the beer designation AK, in part because research by Ron has made my stance untenable. 2,169 more words


Bitter Orange for Weight Loss

This ingredient has shown up in a few of the supplements reviewed on “http://topotcalternatives.com/”. Supplement manufacturers claim that bitter orange can boost weight loss efforts, but science shows that this herbal remedy may have adverse side effects. 10 more words

Over The Counter Alternatives

Fuck Love

Fuck love, I’m tired of trying. My heart big, but it beat quiet.



I wish you the worst

I hope you fall madly in love with her.

I hope you do all the things you never did with me.

I hope every time you see her your heart skips a beat and you can’t picture life without her. 81 more words


I am not bitter I am hurt

If I was bitter I would fucking break the hoover and washmachine that I bought for this so called family.
If I was bitter I would sue your assess for all that money you took from me. 59 more words