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Late night text message

I am copying and pasting this from a text. Im not going to alter it or anything. It states my feelings plainly and at 1:30 in the morning. 215 more words

Poem 317 - I am a Monster

By all means I am a monster,
Am callous to you and all.
I have been since I was forced from the womb,
Where I was sheltered, protected and warm. 81 more words


Imagine that..

So, that’s how it works, huh!?! When TWO people really care about each other… Interesting! I guess in my case only ONE person really cared! Hmm

The Unplanned Experiment In Social Drinking

It began in this manner. Our son needed some suits. He needs to look good. My wife and her sister and his cousin went to Las Vegas to procure said suits. 231 more words

Beer Culture

Wounds Into Wisdom

I was getting ready this morning and Joi noticed that I barely have a scar on my leg where I cut myself shaving. I laughed and told her that I bet I won’t rush to shave ever again, because I know what could happen. 88 more words



Synonyms – harsh, sour, unsweetened.

If you have ever felt ice-cold bold bitterness, I have a heavy heart for you. A re-occurring anger that boils your blood, rattles your bones; whispers into your ears insisting that what comes out of your mouth have a thousand times the amplitude. 786 more words