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Prose: What I've Been Reading

Believe me, I get that prose–without plot, without characters, without setting and dialogue–isn’t enough. I’ve read enough books and manuscripts where the words flow pretty darned well, but everything underneath those words is thin–right. 667 more words

The Tired, The Sick, The Book Obsession

So since the last time I posted, I got side smacked in the face with a cold. Could be the flu, may not be, since I am a cashier is really is impossible for me to AVOID getting whatever my customers bring through. 1,427 more words


How to flush all files to hard drive?

I want to flush all cached files (logs in particular) to hard drive. When my software has an error I want to have complete log files and collect them for debugging. 141 more words


Are there "kill-strings" that are not (de-) serializable?

I have a 2D array (a matrix) that I code to xml using XmlSerializer. When I de-serialize the string I get errors sometimes.
Like the following. 176 more words


Reblog-a-thon Day 5 – GRACELING by Kristin Cashore

I found the writing in the book to be just beautiful. My recommendation was originally posted on December 12, 2013.

Harcourt, 2008

I read this book a while ago and have been holding onto the recommendation. 459 more words


String vs. StringBuilder when editing a long string?

I have a string that I have to edit quite a lot. Length is undefined. Replace(string, string) will be the most used method for this. 55 more words


Run Access Queries via Interop?

I have a few MS-Access queries in several *.mdb files. They are quite complex.
So I just want to open a file, run specific queries which it contains and get a resulting table back. 63 more words