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The Choice to Forgive

You know what makes life wonderful? The people we share life with.

You know what makes life unbearable? The people we share life with.

Relationships are meant to be life-giving, but we all bear the hurt of relationships that have taken life from us. 400 more words

The Me I Want To Be

When I was little, I smiled a lot. I guess I was just a happy kid. I even remember one of my nicknames being “Smiley” at church. 895 more words

Ferguson: City of Resentment

While watching the evening news last night, the main focus was still on Ferguson, Missouri.

When I think of the volatile and vehement expression of emotions that has become characteristic of this city, I am distraught. 360 more words

Why put a boat anchor around your waist?

Up for doing an experiment? Find a boat anchor and tie it to your waist and
then go about living a normal day. What do you envision your experience would be like, 203 more words


James 4:11

You Are Not the Judge
11 Brothers and sisters, don’t say anything against each other. If you criticize your brother or sister in Christ or judge them, you are criticizing and judging the law they follow.

384 more words
Verses Of The Day

Mental health

A tiny bit about me then: I’m 23, male (how can you tell!), I live in Stamford and I’m a Christian.

So, I live with a couple of other Christian lads, but recently one of them has been very ill with chronic depression. 356 more words


Love Dare, Day 6

Today is Day 6 of the Love Dare. I was recommended this book by a friend who did it with her husband leading up to their marriage about four years ago. 451 more words