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Where's Mine?

 I think a lot of what we believe about God rests on what we think about His gifts. More specifically, what we think about Him as a gift-giver. 1,219 more words



So this is totally not the poem I was intending to write when I sat down a few hours ago. But I suppose that’s just how writing, well any creative outlet, works. 195 more words


Late night text message

I am copying and pasting this from a text. Im not going to alter it or anything. It states my feelings plainly and at 1:30 in the morning. 215 more words

Check your bitterness at the door.

This is something I have to continually remind myself. Sometimes, I have an overly bitter heart. I’m sure it could be worse though, and the fact that I know I am bitter, is probably a good thing. 356 more words

Holy of Holies

I was inspired to write this poem after having watched Johnny Cash’s music video ‘Hurt.’

Holy of Holies a poem by Dionne
There is a place I know, where many people come. 360 more words


nothing more to give

and physically
are drained
of the bitterness
then please stop
as you are near
to death.



If you think

the new guy

loves you for you

perhaps it’s just that

he hasn’t noticed yet,

who you really are?

Have you sliced him yet… 78 more words