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California and Esquire's Champagne Cocktails

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For as long I can remember, I’ve always hated Los Angeles.

I had no good reason for this hatred, I just never felt any affection for the city. 1,072 more words



This doozy of a tropical drink will awaken your tastebuds while simultaneously dulling your senses. Best enjoyed poolside, don’t forget to raise a glass to Kara as you lounge away your Earth-day.



Alright folks, welcome to part 5 of 7 of the “Drinks We Drank at Drink” series that’s been in progress since I returned from the glorious city of Boston some weeks ago. 740 more words


Reyka Bitters Tasting Notes

Bitters can be a bartenders best friend. Most bars will have a box full of wonderful flavours, all adding a different dimension to your favourite drink. 406 more words


The Thistle Cocktail

Another Scotch-based drink, the Thistle is very, very similar to the Bobby Burns Cocktail – which wasn’t very good, if you’ll remember. In fact, the only difference is that the Thistle has a touch of bitters, whereas the Bobby Burns had a touch of Benedictine. 122 more words


Sleep With The Fishes

This original nightcap utilizes old-country italian flavors to send you into a deep, deep slumber. Complex and warming, this drink is a great way to loosen up guests when relaxing around the parlor. 62 more words


Cocktails in History

The word cocktail originally meant a drink made with bitters and distilled spirits, but this has changed over time.  There are many versions of how the name was derived, including a drink that was served with a garnish of feathers from a rooster.   315 more words