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BitTorrent Keeps Your Data Off Cloud Services With its File-Syncing Service - PC Magazine

GigaomBitTorrent Keeps Your Data Off Cloud Services With its File-Syncing ServicePC MagazineA major update to BitTorrent s file-syncing program makes private sharing easier and better, and accessible to everyone, not just networking geeks. 17 more words


What Really Killed the CD?

Data source: Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

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BitTorrent's Sync gets a major revamp, now lets you share files with clickable web links

BitTorrent’s Dropbox competitor Sync received a major update Tuesday that makes it even easier to share files with friends and contacts: The P2P-based file synchronization tool… 506 more words

Copyright troll Mike Meier sends a frivolous DMCA takedown notice to my registrar

On Friday I received an email from my registrar (yes, you read it correctly: my registrar, not my host) about a DMCA notice from a former… 1,297 more words

Copyright Troll

Social Network Is Powerless to Prevent ISIS From Using it to Recruit, Organize

App creators are often surprised by how people end up using their creations. Unfortunately for *diaspora, a hands-off social network that allows people to control their own decentralized groups, their software is being used by terrorists. 280 more words


British Man Sentenced to 33 Months of Prison For Recording a Movie in a Theater

Ouch! 33 months for distributing and selling pirated copies of Fast and Furious 6 on the Internet as well as on physical media. Sounds a bit too harsh… 327 more words



Props to Bittorrent for their recent campaign which saw billboards with pro-internet regulation sentiments go up around various US locations, before being subverted to reveal the true aim of the ad campaign at a later date. 6 more words