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Music subscription service Spotify is getting ready to switch its data delivery technology from P2P to a server-client model, according to a TorrentFreak report. Spotify has long been using P2P for its desktop client, but not for mobile and web listening, and it makes sense that the company is looking to streamline its data delivery as mobile usage grows and bandwidth prices continue to decline. 51 more words


BitTorrent wil veranderen

BitTorrent Inc is begonnen aan de uitrol van een nieuwe reeks producten. De producten zouden veel verder gaan dan de file-sharing waarvoor het gekend is. Maar dat is niet het enige waar ze aan werken. 359 more words


Game Of Thrones Episode Breaks Record, With 193K BitTorrent Users Sharing Single File At Same Time

The new season of HBO’s Game of Thrones is doing well in the TV ratings for the premium network, but it’s also gaining popularity with pirates who don’t feel like subscribing to the channel (or whichever premium stations air the show in other parts of the world) or waiting until it’s available to buy or rent legally. 240 more words

Netgear adds BitTorrent Sync to its network-attached storage drives

Now this is smart: BitTorrent Inc. has teamed up with Netgear (S NTGR) to take its P2P-powered Dropbox competitor BitTorrent Sync to the next level. Owners of a ReadyNAS device can now install apps for Sync directly on that device, which will make it possible to back up and sync phones, tablets and computers with the networked storage drive.  140 more words


P2P File Sharing

Sharing files on the Internet seems so essential and harmless. However, peer-to-peer sharing creates a lot of controversy and legal issues around the globe. Internet piracy, which means sharing of copyrighted material without permission, gives headache to the biggest TV and movie making enterprises. 347 more words

Ebooks: Is free the new paid?

As we all know, the publishing world is in major upheaval. With ebook prices dropping even for big authors, and so many ebooks available for free, are we witnessing the end of the paid model? 452 more words


Between Legal And Illegal Methods, Everyone In The World Watched The 'Game Of Thrones' Premiere

Well, the numbers are in and it’s official: everyone watched the Season 4 premiere of Game of Thrones. Ev-er-y-one. Both via traditional methods…

The fourth-season premiere of the fantasy delivered the show’s biggest audience yet: 6.6 million viewers.

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