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Rightscorp Wants to Hijack Your Browser, TorrentFreak Reports

How would it feel if your web browser was hijacked by a company on behalf of some other entity? Not good at all, right? Now you may ask how could a ‘bounty hunter’ like that hijack your web browser and why would they want to hijack your browser in the first place? 411 more words


North Koreans Love Downloading Angry Birds, Porn

Apparently North Koreans love downloading porn, just like you! According to BitTorrent monitoring site Scan Eye, people in the tightly controlled country downloaded a bunch of British television shows, video games, and, obviously, some porn within the past two years. 202 more words

cURL creator articles

I just love this series of articles from daniel stenberg:


Dallas Buyers Club, LLC is a modern-day Icarus Story (TXSD)

Dallas Buyers Club, LLC Texas-based lawsuits in my opinion tell a modern story of Icarus who flew too close to the sun with wings of feathers and wax and got burned. 715 more words


The City of London Police Hijack Advertisements of Suspected Pirate Websites, TorrentFreak Reports

You’d think the cops would have something better to do than to play the game of cat and mouse online. But the City of London Police disagrees. 396 more words