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Weird Doesn't Even Begin To Cover It


I have questions. 

  • Why do his legs signal he really needs to go wee wee?
  • Why does his facial expression look so displeased?
  • Is it because he didn’t make it to the bathroom in time?
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Thriftstore Weirdness

Passengers Outraged When Child Poops On Airplane Seat

(Detroit, MI)  —  Some passengers are outraged after a Chinese child caused quite a stink last week during a Delta flight from Beijing to Detroit.  Britain’s “Daily Mail” says family members lined the boy’s seat with newspaper and encouraged him to relieve himself, despite pleas from fellow passengers and crew members.  43 more words

Madd Hatta Morning Show

The best reason not to be rich

The pursuit of money is nothing new. Greed is a cruel mistress which can derail even the purest of people.

Many of us believe that getting more money, more stuff, more security, will make us happy. 324 more words

The World's Most Unfair Line Up? Two Older Men Sought In Theft Of Viagra

Police are seeking these two men who held up a medical clinic at gunpoint to steal hundreds of dollars’ worth of Viagra and other drugs. With that same Viagra pills, they might not be hard to spot.


Still More Unbelievably Bizarre and Idiotic Twitter Ramblings of Jaden Smith

Here we are again for our quarterly review of the brain- and stomach- and soul-churning tweets of unfrozen Mayan God child Jaden Smith, who, like a rapper who loves sharp things, will never disappoint. 298 more words