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The Perils of Excessive Celebration: Detroit Lions Stephen Tulloch Injured While Gloating Over Sack

We have previously discussed the excessive celebration rule in the NFL (I am rather old school and I do not like seeing the growing signature celebrations of players). 290 more words


Dia de los Muertos

Set design for “the Haunted Trail of Balboa Park”

Bottled Smoke Drawings by Jim Dingilian

Artist Jim Dingilian has an unconventional way of creating art. Instead of crafting images with paint or graphite, he uses smoke as his medium. His drawings are created with candle smoke inside empty glass bottles and are reminiscent of some forgotten 19th-century imaging technique. 43 more words


The Most Vivid Dream I've Ever Had

The commercials were everywhere, this futuristic company can make a duplicate of yourself and if anything were to happen to your body you would supposedly have another one for backup. 837 more words



Rupture //

The ocean is a place of great mystery. I could spend my life trying to unravel and understand it, but I’m better off admiring and appreciating its profound beauty. 14 more words


Vampire Pumpkins and Watermelons

Vampire pumpkins and watermelons are a folk legend from the Balkans, in southeastern Europe, described by ethnologist Tatomir Vukanović. The story is associated with the Romani people of the region, from whom much of traditional vampire folklore originated. 567 more words