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15 Days Up and One Week of Sleep

Dolphins have been discovered by scientists to have the distinct ability to stay awake for 15 days. In the year 2055, dark, demented, dismal scientists figured out the “Flipper” gene so humans would be forced to have a small implant, surgically implanted, into the person’s right index finger if the person was right handed, the implant was placed in the left index finger if left handed, and lastly magicians, jugglers and other people are ambidextrous and can use both hands, so they receive two implants. 1,191 more words


Farrux Komilov - Taram Taram

Well, for once, I am slightly lost for words. Farrux isn’t a terrible looking chap, but this video just completely ruins any appeal he may have had as a pinup…though you could fool the girls in this video, as they go crazy for him! 35 more words

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Panic over: Russians regain control over gecko sex satellite orbiting Earth

The panic is over – Russian scientists have managed to regain control over a satellite filled with mating geckos.

It was feared the experiment with lizards on Foton-M4 could have been doomed when it was no longer responding to commands after being launched on July 19. 100 more words


California Professor Arrested for Allegedly Taping Students in His Apartment Bathroom

Accounting Professor Mark Landis has been arrested in a bizarre alleged crime where the San Francisco State University and University of San Francisco professor taped students using his San Francisco apartment’s bathroom.