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Zep Diner: Fancy a "Hinden Burger"?.

Germany was not the only country that caught the “Zeppelin Fever”. Gorgeous photo of the Zep Diner of 515 W. Florence Ave (Los Angeles), taken around 1931. 13 more words

Albatros D-Type: Gory Delight.

Utterly gross vintage photoshop in my humble opinion. By the way, the Germans introduced the widespread use of parachutes in the last year of the war -ace Ernst Udet owed his life to one of them.

In new TV show, strangers get married the day they meet

The show also had a previous season, and all the couples ended up getting divorced.
The show is called “Married at first sight”, and the new season will air tonight. 173 more words


Fatal Attraction In A Confined Space: Woman Is Rescued In California After Trying To Climb Into Man's Home Through His Chimney

Just in case you were wondering of the fatal attraction of some Internet relationships, you might want to ponder Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa. Nunez-Figueroa was pulled out of the chimney of a man in Thousand Oaks, California. 180 more words