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Bittersweet Update

I can’t believe I was able to fit a third update this week for Zach and Ty. I think it was miracle! But, like I said, my head’s been filled with those two lately, so I’m glad I got to write a little extra this week. 65 more words

top 10 yaoi manga... sort of

top 10 yaoi – the best boys’ love manga

… is what I’d like to say. It’s what I was going for, but that’s not how it turned out. 2,747 more words


Happy Friday

It wasn’t like my work week was particularly bad, but for some reason, I am very glad it’s Friday. Because, I am so elated that the weekend is almost here, I have a surprise update for you! 65 more words

Thrae: Coliseum

Thrae is our parallel dimension, like a mirror world.

However unlike our world, the world of Thrae have develop in the terms of Magic,  and their different ‘races’ are basically the different species of monsters or rather,  87 more words


Promises Kept

As promised, here is the new chapter of Zach and Ty! Hmm…interesting turn of events. What do you think of this new situation? I would really like to hear about it! 39 more words

Part Thirteen

“Why you…” Heathe began as he grabbed Hyvan by the collar of his shirt and pushed him inside the house.

“Let me go, Chewtoy!” Hyvan growled as he struggled. 2,108 more words