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Sebuah Pesan dari Pinggir Jalan

“Buat apa punya pemerintah kalau hidup masih susah?” – sebuah coretan di dinding pinggir jalan -

Begitu baca itu, saya langsung tergelitik untuk mengoceh. Dalam hati. 824 more words


If We've Broken Up, Could You Please Give Me Back My Favorite Song?

Music used to be my way of escaping reality.

I could listen to a song and drift away to another place where my problems didn’t exist, where I could step into someone else’s shoes and imagine life through their point of view. 416 more words

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Day Dreaming Night Owl

Day Dreaming Night Owl is my escape and my way to express my mind without having to give away my identity but perhaps inspiring others or simply providing entertainment. 609 more words


I am the blabbering moron

I am wondering why on earth I am blogging again. I guess it’s less commitment than a pen-to-paper diary, but I still wonder if I am even capable of committing to this. 20 more words

The Possibility Of You Has Become Very Distracting For Me

There are a lot of big bad things. The world is full of them.  They are smeared, and gray, and hovering over us. They hide behind suits, or masks, or collections of cells.  372 more words


Ya Allah, terima kasih atas cinta yang Kau izinkan untuk kurasakan..
Terima kasih atas kemurnian yang sempat menyinggahi pelabuhan hati ini..
Terima kasih atas kasih sayang yang Kau perkenalkan.. 189 more words

In Bahasa Indonesia

It's F1 Race Live From Sepang

‘Too much to handle for this long weekend’ merupakan salah satu judul postingan saya di salah satu social media yang saya miliki yaitu Path disaat long weekend kemarin saya menghabiskan waktu untuk menonton F1 race di Sepang secara langsung. 1,023 more words