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#21 KCCO Black Lager

#21 KCCO Black Lager

Type: Black Lager
Container: Bottle
ABV: 5.1%
Sticker Price: $8.99/6-pack of bottles

I really enjoy the Chive. My wife and I look at their cat pictures every Saturday morning like it’s our religion. 140 more words

Martyrdöd- Elddop

For their fifth album, Swedish four-piece Martydöd release Elddop. The album, of the crust/black metal genre, is composed of fourteen songs that utilize erratic d-beat drumming as well as frantic, filthy screams.


Possible Eid outfit #4

This is another possible eid outfit for a young lady who covers. Covering does not mean just wear black and be uptight about everything. On the  contrary 


Why Trans* Youth Are SO Important In the Movement

Dear trans* advocates,

As the times press onward, politics change. Our issues evolve. Our fight becomes more complex. I fear that a lot of the people in the field doing the work are only doing a very small bit of it and not holding discussions that truly matter. 964 more words


On "pretty"-looking men

I am black.  I don’t hate my skin colour or this thing…called being black, minus the occasional racism and systemic disadvantage it’s amazing lol. I just wonder sometimes what it’s like to live without having to think about race. 497 more words

Free Writing

Inna Modja - C'est la vie [video]

I’ve seen her face roaming on my tumblr dashboard before, but I didn’t know she was an artist. Ran into this beautiful visual of her latest release “C’est la vie”, and it made me happy. 44 more words


Kara Walker: A subtlety or the Marvelous Sugar baby

This is important. Her work, in the way that she’s doing it is important.