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Identity Politics or American Like Me

Do black Americans want to be called African-Americans?

Why do black Americans hyphenate their identity?

What do conservative black Americans think? And, why do we talk about minorities? 109 more words



(Paul Joseph Watson) - “Doomsday Disneyland” facility used as practice ground for civil unrest.

A promotional video touting FEMA’s emergency response capabilities shows U.S. National Guard troops training to detain unruly African-American citizens in prison camps before handing them over to police. 563 more words

US News

20 Basic Truths You Can’t Talk About in America Anymore

This is from Town Hall.

Political Correctness be Damn these are truths that need to be spoken about in public.

Americans have become intimidated by the political correct bullies on the left. 668 more words

My Answer to the hard lesson of Privilege

Last night, I watched Twelve Years a Slave (2013), directed by Steve McQueen and winner of three Oscars, including best picture. If you haven’t seen it, it is a powerful story and I highly recommend it. 1,066 more words

My Answers

Be Careful What You Believe About Yourself‏

“Words are things. You must be careful. Careful about calling people out of their names, using racial pejoratives and sexual pejoratives and all that ignorance. Don’t do that. 1,121 more words


Should Black Americans Get Reparations For What Their Ancestors Endured?

Have y’all been keeping track of the conversation around reparations? If you don’t know, The Atlantic magazine released it’s June issue last month. Its cover story: writer Ta-Nehisi Coates’ exploration of reparations. 146 more words


Wade in the Water

Wade in the water

Wade in the water,
wade in the water, children,
wade in the water.
God’s gonna trouble the water.

See those people dressed in blue, 56 more words