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Liberal Democrats Still Using the Race Card...and Black Americans

Liberalism has a kind of Tourette’s syndrome these days. It’s just constantly saying the word racism and racist….There’s a kind of intellectual poverty now. Liberalism hasn’t had a new idea since the 1960s, except ObamaCare, and the country doesn’t like it… So what do you do?

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“We are in America, where our absence of virtue is presumed, and we must eat disrespect in sight of our sons. And who can be mad in America?

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Elephants In The Room Missing THE Elephant In The Room by Lenny McAllister

I have to put out this “disclaimer,” if you will, before I begin:

It was never my intention to get involved in this “controversy” – this latest go-’round between Black America and its oft-disgarded stepchildren, Black conservatives. 1,522 more words


Ivy League Success of Ghanian-American Student Stirs Tensions Between African Immigrants and Black Americans

The story of the first-generation Ghanian-American student accepted by all eight Ivy league schools is wonderful, but it also stirs up the tension between black Americans and recent African immigrants — especially when you describe him as “not a typical African-American kid.”


The Politics of Black Aspiration and Black Responsiblity

by Jelani Cobb

As wide-eyed Southern migrants stepped off trains in the big cities of the North a century ago, they were met by groups like the National Urban League, who presented them with care packages that often included basic items like soap and toiletries.


Shame Lies With the Slaveholder

Fairly often, I’ll see segments of non-immigrant US black people (called, among other things, “Ankh negroes” and Hotep dudes” for their fixation on Egyptian history) promoting a simplistic, utopian version of African History, a version that says “In Africa, we (black people) were kings and queens.” What alarms me about this incorrect telling of African history, aside from the untruth of it, is the implicit classism, which I think also is continuous with, and lends itself to, the shaming of regular, everyday citizens and of black people who were (and still are) held in slavery. 91 more words

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