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They insist I think of War


They insist I think of war, and yet I always think of you, mother, though I recall not a single word we ever spoke of war, that flesh could tear and blood swamp the sand; that one is just, or not, to footslog into battle and shoot and kill and even die upon demand. 600 more words

BLACK and TAN vs HALF and HALF, and for the more gentile, a BLACK and BLUE.

 I walked into an Irish pub in NYC back in 1985 and ordered a Black and Tan.  I was young and thought I was cool and I thought the name sounded great.   569 more words

Bass Ale

Will Stout Make Me Fat?

I realized that my most recent post may have been confusing to some people since I was talking about beer glasses, but didn’t define the types of beer they could be used for. 892 more words


Sometimes the Grill Just Doesn't Light: Lessons In Cooking In Stride

The stereotypical housewife in me loves cooking in theme. Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and I couldn’t resist researching traditional Irish dishes. I’ve done this before with Olympics themed meals (cooking dinners from the host country), fancy dishes for New Year’s Eve, and a Cajun meal for Fat Tuesday. 1,329 more words

6 Beers For St. Patrick's Day

1. Guinness extra stout

BA Score: 84

Alcohol %: 6%.

Brewed In: Ireland

2. J.W. Lees Vintage Harvest Ale

BA Score: 95… 55 more words


Half & half / Black and Tan

In South Wales there’s a local delicacy called ‘half and half’. When you order curry at a take-away or restaurant and ask for half-and-half with it then it’ll come with half a portion of rice and half a portion of chips. 803 more words

Beer Blogging

peeping at pumps

Diba Shadow Pump, $40 at DSW

Something great about a shoe that inspires an outfit! And a pretty good deal too… gotta love DSW! 6 more words