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The term Frenchie is now a popular term/abbreviation used for the dog breed French bulldog. Instead people may refer to the breed as ‘Frenchie’. Frenchies are a wonderful breed of dog and extremely ideal for a family pet or elderly person. 437 more words

Coloured French bulldogs

Over the past few years rare Frenchies have become more and more popular in the UK. Just like micro-pets, coloured French bulldogs have taken to the UK and become a popular trend. 465 more words

The All American Made New Milton Style Buildout

I have always been fascinated about the origins of products, especially in the fashion industry.  I keep a transparency as much as i could without making trade secrets public or giving a competitor an insight.  844 more words

London Tan English Bridle

The Black and Tan French bulldog

The black and tan French bulldog is a beautiful and rare dog. Black and tan is not a natural occurring colour for the breed as usually natural colours for French bulldogs would be brindle, fawn, white and white and fawn with maybe solid black as an exception. 429 more words

Rare Frenchies

DNA Frenchies is a small ran business here in the UK. By Rare Frenchies, we mean Rare French Bulldogs. The breeding of these rare French bulldogs is something that we specialise in and have become very professional at. 484 more words