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Cavaliers are going fast!

Wow! This has been so exciting! Our Cavalier babies have been matched with their adoptive families quicker than I anticipated. And everyone is getting their favorite puppy (or puppies in some cases). 102 more words

German Shepherd Puppies Available Now!

I will be posting more info in the next few days for our litter of Lucious/Maia puppies born November 24th, 2014. There are still six females available!

Southern Indiana

Creative sleeping

Did you know that eleven day old puppies can make you laugh, out loud?

Faith’s puppies sure did this evening. I peeked in her crate while she was out for a potty break and discovered some very creative sleeping arrangements.

See for yourself :)


No pride or prejudice here

Nope, you won’t find any pride or prejudice in these guys, only unconditional love and loyalty.

A classic tale, and a favorite of mine. Let me introduce you to some of the favored characters. 23 more words


That's all folks!

I am happy and thankful to announce that all of the Pinewood Cavalier pups have arrived!

If you are at all interested in a purebred Cavalier, now is your chance. 86 more words


Beerism Blends! An investigation into beer blending with Evil Twin's Yin & Yang

There are several reasons why beers get blended. For instance, (1) Belgian Lambic producers have been blending beers for centuries in order to create the perfect balance between old and young beer. 1,540 more words

Beer Reviews

Full Moon

This drink is perfect if you’re feeling something refreshing and not too sweet. A Full Moon consists of Stella Cidre, layered with Guinness. The drink resembles the popular ‘Black and Tan,’ which is usually made with Guinness and some type of amber ale (like Bass, or Bear Naked Ale),  but a Full Moon is a nicer selection for someone who is looking for something a little sweeter than a traditional ‘Black and Tan.’  I like to rim the top of the glass with cinnamon sugar to give the drink a little more flavor. 66 more words