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And Now for Something Completely Different

One Friday evening while sharing a pitcher at our local haunt, Elliot shared a photo from his childhood with me. I immediately thought, “I want to paint this!” and made him email it to me that second. 107 more words


Oldest known figurative sculpture! Venus of Hohle Fels

Encaustic on panel 18×18

Venus of Hohle Fels

I was happy to find the image of this 35,000 or so year old venus. Have been working on mother pieces for a series and this fit in to my ideal of mother.


I don’t have an actual orchard just 4 apple trees. But I did do a

painting by that name. I have no ideal where it is now, it could have… 127 more words

Remembering Wayne

My husband and partner, Wayne, passed away in February.  It has been difficult getting back to work in the studio since then.  The art work was so large a part of our shared life.   101 more words

Black And White Painting