Pine and needles, Woodbury, Connecticut © Steven Willard

We get so caught up in fall colors it’s easy to overlook what else is going on. I followed Wally, my dog, who was interested in taking a different path than usual; no doubt he had caught the scent of a stranger, maybe a deer or a turkey, or maybe just a feral cat. 162 more words

B&W Challenge—Day 3

Would anyone like a shiny new bike under the tree this Christmas? I saw a group of people selling tickets on this a few days ago.  171 more words



There must be millions of pictures of this place already. But I wanted to visit it since I was a child. You know, when I was a child I was a firmly believer in UFOs, paranormal activities, conspiracy theories. 278 more words


Westerdok Harbour, Amsterdam in Black and White

We walk past Westerdok Harbour it is a residential harbour, not far from central Amsterdam. Historically it was a major shipping dock, with rail lines, and a large rail yard. 171 more words