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5 days of Monochrome #1

First time everĀ I was using a 50mm prime Lens. How I wish I had one of my own!! Loved it and Super Loved it. 61 more words


In the future, will we want display our cameras?

Feeling a bit arty, I decided to photograph one of my vintage cameras, a Koroll 24S stills camera from the 1950’s. Now, whilst it is well beyond use, I love it as a decorative item, providing interest as it sitsĀ pride of place in my lounge. 59 more words

Chaos Quote # 276

“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.”



"The Sun the Color of Pressed Grapes..."

“He opens his eyes and stares directly into the morning sun which wallows up from the misty sea like some bloated, dying fish. The sky is gray and immobile, a dome of lead. 109 more words