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Green Grove Christian Methodist Episcopal Church and Cemetery, Hawkinstown, Baker County

Green Grove church, as it is known by the locals, is a tiny Black church off of Sunset Avenue (Georgia Route 200) in Hawkinstown. Green Grove is also known for its fairly large cemetery located to the left of the church. 13 more words

Baker County

Black Resilience: The Acceptable, Emotional Wall in the Black Community

This article explicitly discusses Christianity. I’m not religious nor do I strongly believe in any sort singular higher power- It is important that you note my obvious bias because of this. 1,410 more words


Baker County Deliverance Holiness Church, Hawkinstown, Baker County

This is a small Black church in Hawkinstown. The Deliverance Holiness church once served a Newton congregation, but has since moved to Hawkinstown.

Baker County

Suzan Johnson Cook, Kimberla Lawson Roby, Monica Moss, and Others Sound Off On Black Women and Their Black Church Hats

When Lydia Calviness died two years ago at the age of 93, she bequeathed her church hats to her grandniece Monica Moss. Genealogically speaking, Ms. Moss did not qualify as the closest female relative. 773 more words


Weldon Springs Missionary Baptist Church, Hard-Up, Baker County

Weldon Springs Missionary Baptist Church was a small Black church located on Hard-Up Road. Weldon Springs became infamous for its ’7 Churches Road’ haunting. Story goes that the minister killed his congregation one night and was later hanged in the big oak off of the road in front of the church. 113 more words

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Why Many Black Pastors and Their Congregations Are Either Uninformed or in Denial about the Reality of Mental Illness

Dr. Reba Haley often stands in the pulpit of her Tampa area church and delivers a message that most Black pastors won’t touch: If you’re dealing with a mental health issue, seek professional help.