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Former Site of Mount Airy Baptist Church, Hard-Up, Baker County

Old Mount Airy Baptist Church is long gone now thanks to the vandals that set it on fire. It was known as one of the 7 (there have only every been 4, really) ‘haunted’ churches on ’7 Churches Road’ (Really Hard-Up Road). 41 more words

Baker County

Human Trafficking Is Not Just an International Issue, It Is Happening in and to the Black Community and It's Time for the Black Church to Stand Up

“People sold for sex in this country are American children who are disproportionately black and brown. They are between the ages of 12 and 13 — middle school aged.”


Mount Ephesus Baptist Church, Hard-Up, Baker County

One of the ‘haunted’ seven churches on Hard-Up Road, (there have only ever been four) Mount Ephesus Baptist is a small Black church that I believe, currently has no congregation. 14 more words

Baker County

Initial Sacred Conversation

It is imperative that we redefine what it means to “be” the church and how we “do” church! In an era where many societal ills are besetting the black community, the one thing that I am convinced of, if we, the institutional church continue to hide behind tradition and normative beliefs that fail to address issues such as domestic violence, poverty, sexism, human trafficking, unemployment, mass incarceration, the degradation of our women etc. 73 more words

Black Church

Second Belmont Missionary Baptist Church, Elmodel, Baker County

Second Belmont Missionary Baptist Church is a tiny Black church in Elmodel located on Jericho Road, a county two-lane dirt road. I believe that the congregation meets every Sunday, but it could be every other Sunday.

Baker County