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Black Jesus is an insult to Christians and Black Folks...who will be watching?

Some things should actually be off limits to mockery, and for me Jesus is one of them. Black Jesus is soon to join the Adult swim lineup. 19 more words

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Discussion: Should Black Churches Do More to Help Declining Urban Communities?

The other day, I found myself driving around Houston’s historic Third Ward. I took a moment to reflect on the neighborhood where I grew up, went to school and bought my first home. 182 more words

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Two Black Churches in Sanford, NC Offer a Lesson in Humility

I’ve recently spent a lot of time in Sanford, an old brick manufacturing town in Lee County. Like a lot of Southern cities and towns there are still remnants of segregation in Sanford—one side of town that is largely black and another, white.


Pastor Jamal Bryant Under Fire For Quoting Chris Brown!! [VIDEO]

I thought the job of a pastor was to meet the people “where they are”? Meaning, be relatable, be able to connect with different kinds of people right. 604 more words

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These H--s Ain't Loyal: When Pastors Do More Harm Than Good

This morning I was scrolling through my Twitter TL, and I saw this video:

That’s Pastor Jamal Bryant of The Empowerment Temple co-signing Chris Brown’s misogyny and sexism by letting us know “these h–s ain’t loyal.” And yes, those are his congregants hand-clappin’ and toe-tappin’ to his “good preachin’.” Now I realize that many pastors do have decent intentions when they attempt to marry their spiritual teaching with pop culture. 247 more words